Rich experienced and professional waste tyre pyrolysis machine since 1993

Non-pollution waste tyre pyrolysis machine:

    Waste tyre, waste plastic is becoming a huge threat to human environment and the white pollution is getting serious dramatically. Every year, government of each country around the world spend lots of money to solve this problem. The number of truck and car waste tire, waste plastic products becomes more and more as times developing.We xinxiang huayin company invented waste tyre pyrolysis machine in order to decrease this trend and recycle waste plastic and tyre to industrial fuel oil. This machine adopts pyrolysis technology, on the one hand, it can reduce the waste pollution to envrioment, on the other hand, it creates much more fuel oil resource for national economy.

Life-long service huayin waste tyre pyrolysis machine:

    Waste tyre pyrolysis machine can process nearly all kind of waste tyres, the raw material can be waste truck tyre, waste car tyre, waste motor bike tyre. Waste plastic is also available for pyrolysis plant. Our machine adopts advanced technology with comprehensive dust removing system to avoid second time pollution. Let’s see the machine technical parameters:

Reactor size
41 38 36 33
18-41 18-41 18-41 18-41
( whole tire)
10.25 ton per batch 9.5 ton per batch 9 ton per batch 8.25 ton per batch
Processing time (hour) 22 22 22 20
Land required
(foot )
32*128 32*128 32*128 32*96
Cooling system Horizontal condenser Horizontal condenser Horizontal condenser Horizontal condenser
Service life Q345R boiler plate 16mm

Final products from waste tyre pyrolysis machine:

    Industrial fuel oil: 45%-50%, carbon black: 30%, tyre steel wire: 15%, combustible gas: 5%-10%. Looking forward for your inquiry!

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