Professional Plastic Waste to Fuel Oil Plastic Pyrolysis Plant with 30 Experienced Technicians

Huayin plastic waste pyrolysis plant:

    In today’s society, plastic products can be seen everywhere, the waste plastic products that have been abandoned is also very popular. The real tion is that so many waste plastics, it not only causes great white pollution, but also bring large waste of energy. Plastic waste pyrolysis plant that recycle plastic to fuel oil  provide us a new broad space of investment. The earlier you invest in this field, the higher benefit you will get. Choosing huayin plastic waste pyrolysis plant with 100% safety without any environemntal pollution is your best decision. The never saturated oil market ensure you always get maximize profits. Compared to other manufacturers of pyrolysis plant, huayin waste tyre/plastic pyrolysis plant has incomparable advantage, see the following description:

National patent auto-feeder of plastic waste pyrolysis plant:

    Auto feeder of this plastic waste pyrolysis plant is our national patent device. Our engineer invent this device in order to improve the production efficiency. It can load 10 tons of waste whole tires by 2-3 hours, while, without this, it may need 6-7 hours of manpower to finish it. The feeder using hydraulic pressure that can compress the waste tire smaller which can load more quantity tires. Additionally, the auto feeder can remove the steel wire from the reactor automatically. With this auto-feeder, you can start another batch without waiting the reactor cooling down.


    Our reactor is made of different materails, customer can choose it by themselves. If the material is Q245R, the boiler plate’s thickness is 16mm, it can  sevice 500-600 batches, if the material is Q345R, the thickness is 16mm, the service life is 650-700 batches. The best material, Q345R boiler plate with stainless plate, it can  bear 2600-2800 batches. The reactor design decides the safety, environmental aspect, easy operation and energy saving directly. A good car needs a good driver, the machine is also the same, we have 30 experienced engineers installing, testing and training the plastic waste pyrolysis plant.

Vacuum device (negative pressure device):

    Vacuum device of plastic waste pyrolysis plant is also called negative pressure device, it is also a national patent device. It is designed to keep the reactor working under normal pressure device. At the same time, it can save heating fuel cost, avoid smelling leakage from the reactor and clean the catalyst when distillation machine.

Welcome you choose huayin plastic waste pyrolsis plant, sincerely hope to cooperate with you for a green world!

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