Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Machine from Huayin Tyre Recycling Equipment Company

Waste tyre pyrolysis machine specialities:

    1. Oil refining experience and waste tyre pyrolysis machine production of 20 years since 1993.
    2. 2000 square meters waste tyre, waste plastic, and waste oil refining factory.
    3. Unique laboratory to testing your raw material oil yield.
    4. 3 factories scale.
    5. 30 professional and rich experienced engineers team.
    6. 500-750 batches service life.
    7. 24 hours and seven days service.
    8. 45%-50% oil yield.

Condensing system:

    Choosing the best efficient cooling system is very important since the condenser is the key point that decide the oil yield and quality. Huayin waste tyre pyrolysis machine uses the heating exchange working principle, during the whole working process, the water is circulating water and always keeps at a cool temperature. Vertical condenser and horizontal condenser is matched by customer requirement. While, we advise you the horizontal condenser since it has bigger cooling area and longer cooling route with high oil yield and good quality.

Technical paremeter of huayin waste tyre pyrolysis machine:

Reactor Material Q345R SS310 310S+Q345R
Company history Since 1993
Oil yield 45%-50%
Water consumption Circulating water for 40㎡
Plant land required 400 ㎡
Installation time 30 days
Reactor size D2800*L6600 mm
Voltage 380 V
Power 24kw
Carbon black size 50 mesh
Tire oil density 0.89
Combustion value 17,008BTU/Ib
Heating fuel 700 kg coal, 200kg oil, 1.3t wood, 400 CBU
Workers need 4
Processing time 20-22 hours
Weight 38T
Engineer team member 30
Manufacturing ability Average one set one day
Service life 500 to 750 batches
Patents 9
Exported countries Global
Explosion rate Zero

Welcome to huayin pyrolysis plant factory:

    Huayin factory has 2000 square meters big demo running waste plastic/tyre pyrolysis machine for customer visiting. seeing is believing. No matter how good you chat online, trust your eyes what you see. Every manufacturer says that their machine is best, but there are different quality level in this market. Welcome to visit huayin factory!


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