310S+Q345R Boiler Plate Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Tyre Oil Recycling Plant from Shangqiu,China

Huayin wasre tyre pyrolysis plant specifications:

1. European environmental standarded with zero carbon black dust pollution.
2. Large demo running waste tyre to oil pyrolysis plant in Xinxiang factory for visiting.
3. Professional safety devices.
4. 10 days delivery time.
5. High tire oil yield of waste tyre and plastic pyrolysis.
6. ISO14001&9001 and CE certificates
7. Nine national patents.
8. Christian culture.


1. The auto-feeder of huayin waste tyre pyrolysis plant can beer 50 ton hydraulic pressure for feeding more?raw materials.
2. The diameter of the door is 1.4m. It can feed all kinds of raw materials, including?plastic, packages of?plastic,?truck tire, car tire, or scrap tire pieces.
3. With the help of our auto-feeder, you can save much more manpower and time.
4. After finighing one batch,  it can feed raw material instead of waiting the reactor to be cooled.

Horizontal condensers:

1. There are 57 pipes inside the condenser cool the oil gas separately thus improve oil yield with better cooling effect.
2. Series connection for condenser makes the cooling process longer.
3. The light oil gas will be liquefied and collected here.

Anti-back fire device:

1. The little residual oil gas which can not be cooled will be gather here and recycled  back to furnace burning to heat the reactor.
2. Water sealing disign will prevent tempering to guarantee safety.

After-sales service:

    Dear customer, after you purchase our waste tyre pyrolysis plant, we would arrange our experienced engineer to your country to instruct your workers install the plant at same time training your workers how to operate plant correctly. Each of engineer from XINXIANG HUAYIN renewable energy equipment co., ltd has many years experience of installation and making tyre oil. Operating plant correctly decides tire oil yield rate directly and your workers’ safety. Welcome your inquiry!

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