2800*6600 waste tyre pyrolysis plant from Xinxiang, China professional manufacturers

WTE: Waste tyre pyrolysis plant:

    Waste tyre pyrolysis plant that converts waste plastic and tyre to heavy crude fuel oil, it’s a new hot highly profitable green project that turn waste to treasure with 45% -50% fuel oil, 30% carbon black, 15% wire steel and other 5%-10% combustible tail gas. During the pyrolysis process, most of the fuel material is the flammable tail gas form the process, so it can save you much cost and the waste gas return to furnace as fuel, it is in accordance with the ” turn the waste into wealth”. Morever, the waste gas will not flow into the air thus protect the environment. It is absolutely environmental friendly and create great profits for you. Any interest, please feel free to contact us!

The real profits you get from waste tyre pyrolysis plant:

Take 10 ton waste tyre one batch pyrolysis plant for example:    
Total Output:
    1. Crude oil: 45%*10t=4.5t
    2. Carbon black: 35%*10t=3.5t
    3. Steel wire: 13%*10t=1.3t


No. Item Cost of Per Batch
1 10 tons of waste tyre 10T×USD 236/T=USD2360
2 0.4 tons of coal 0.4T×USD126 /T=USD50.4
3 Water and electricity 200×USD0.16=USD32
4 Workers Salary 4×USD16=USD64
5 Total Cost USD2506.4


NO. Item Income
1 Crude Oil 10T×45%×USD709=USD3190.5
2 Carbon Black 10T×35%×USD82=USD287
3 Steel Wire 10T×13%×USD34=USD450
4 Gross Profit USD3927.5
5 Daily Net Profit USD3927.5-USD2506.4=USD1421.1
6 Monthly Net Profit USD1421.1×25=USD35527.5
7 Yearly Net Profit USD35527.5×10=USD 355275

Demo running waste tyre pyrolysis plant:

    Dear customer, if you come to visit our factory, we will show you our demo running waste tyre pyrolysis plant, you can see clearly the composition and working process of the whole equipment. No noise, no pollution and automatic slagging system, everything is clear, we are looking forward for your visiting!

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