Huayin Plastic Pyrolysis Plant in India with 100% safety guarantee and zero pollution

Best selling plastic pyrolysis plant in India:

    Established in 1993, Huayin group have exported more than one thousand sets of waste tyre and plastic pyrolysis plant to the global market, our main market is India, we can say that almost every city in India have huayin waste plastic pyrolysis plant. While, there are many other pyrolysis plant manufacturers, they also do this business. I think if you know this industry in India, you may heard that so many explosions happended caused by pyrolysis plant in India. But it not belongs to us. Our never get this kind of terrible feedbacks from our customers in India, you can also do a market research, all the waste plastic pyrolysis plant in India with Huayin brand are working with good condition. You know why? Because we are always changing, huayin engineers never stop innovation. For so many years,  in order to increase safety and quality, our costs are increasing continuously. The whole set of waste plastic pyrolysis plant is made of 1527 large and small accessories. We just want to tell you, you will get huayin brand machine with the most competitive price and quality.

Waste plastic pyrolysis plant working process:

    Feed waste plastic into the reactor with auto-feeder, seal the reactor gate and begin to heat the reactor by burning fuel materials in the combustion system, the fuel material can be coal, wood, natural gas and fuel oil. There is a thermocouple installed at the oil gas outlet valve to test the temperature of the oil gas, when thermocouple shows a certain temperature, the oil gas will come out and flow into the cooling system and be converted into liquid oil. At the same time, the oil gas contaions CH4, C2H6, C3H8, C4H10 and H2 which can not be cooled under normal pressure will be recycled back to combustion system to burn as fuel material.The dust and sulfur gas will be removed by the dust removing system. After the gas oil run out, there are slag(carbon black) inside of the reactor, HUAYIN waste plastic pyrolysis plant adopts fully automatic vacuum carbon black discharging system that extend the service time.

Waste plastic pyrolysis oil yield:

    Choosing the suitable raw material is important for customers, it concerns the real profit you can get from your material. Not all kinds of waste plastic can get oil, if you want to get crude fuel oil with high oil yield from waste plastic, please refer to the following form: Here I need to stress that the oil rate only for your reference, as different plastic different result, such as some plastic has very dirty slag, and the plastic is very wet. let’s see it:
Approx oil yield of different raw materials
PE 50%-75%
PP 50%-75%
PS 50%-75%
ABS 40%
Leftovers of paper Wet 15-20%, dry 60%
House garbage 35-50%
Plastic cable 80%
Plastic bag 50%
Submarine cable 75%
Rubber cable 35%
Sole 30%
Big tires 45-50%
Small tires 35-40%
PVC Not suitable
PET Not suitable

– See more at:–safety-guarantee-and-zero-pollution_365.html#sthash.lxvvSEul.dpuf


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