No Safety Concern Waste Tires Recycling Pyrolysis Plant with Huayin Brand

100% Safety huayin waste tires recycling pyrolysis plant:

In the past ten years, batch waste tires recycling pyrolysis plant have been installed across the world and are known for the profitability but compromised safety. For so many years, many workers, operators and investors have died in such batch type tires recycling pyrolysis plant due to explosion or blast. While, choose huayin waste tires recycling pyrolysis plant, we can guarantee you 100% safety for we never get any safety feedbacks from our customers around the world. Given below the detailed explanation about potential accident risks some tire pyrolysis plant  have.

The following three factors are responsible for explosions in waste tires recycling pyrolysis plant. When these three factors combine together, it will cause an explosion.
1. The reactor will generate methane, ethane, propane, butane and so on during the waste tires/plastic heating. These gases should be prevented from re-entering  the reactor.
2. Oxygen.
3. Temperature.

Why choose us?

1. Huayin 5th generation waste tires recycling pyrolysis plant adopts the most advanced technology and raw material. The reactor is manufactured to the exacting standards of pressure vessels. The materials of the 5th generation reactor are Q245R or Q345R or 310S+Q345R boiler steel with carbon arc air gouging to exhibit high temperature and heat resistance.

2. Huayin waset tires pyrolysis plant has oil-water separator and anti-back fire device which contains water in it to stop the oil gas flowing back to the reactor. Because the oil gas passes through water and comes out as bubbles, so the flammable oil gas is impossible to blow back.

3. Huayin pyrolysis machine can discharge carbon black and slagging automatically. There is a slag discharge pool alongside the reactor, and the cover has water all around the edge. This pool connects with the furnace, so the oxygen inside it will be consumed and thus create a vacuum. No oxygen can re-enter with the water pool sealing effect, the oxygen factor is also eliminated.

4. When no flammable tail gas leaking and no oxygen go inside, the possibility of explosion is negated.

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