Green and Highly promising Waste Tire Recycling Pyrolysis Plant Made in China

High profitable waste tire recycling pyrolysis plant:

New hot highly promising and profitable green project which can convert waste tires/plastic/scrap rubber into treasure (45% pyrolysis fuel oil, 35% carbon black and 15% wire steel). Everybody knows that waste tyre, waste plastic and waste rubber are increasing every day, at the same time, oil resources are decreasing every single day, how to dispose of these wastes? Huayin company use green technology (pyrolysis and distillation technology)  recycling waste to fuel oil resources, it is called waste tire recycling pyrolysis plant. Most of the fuel is the waste gas during the working process, so it can save you energy cost and the waste gas recycled back to burning as fuel, it is in accordance with the ” turn the waste into wealth”. Morever, the waste gas do not flow into the air and it protect the environment from polluting our environment.

Waste tire recycling pyrolysis plant working process:

a. Use auto-feeder to feed the waste tyres into reactor automatically, seal the feeding inlet door tightly.
b. Heat the reactor by burning the following fuel material: coal, wood, natural gas, or fuel oil in the combustion system. The reactor will be heated slowly, when the temperature reaches around 250 degree celsius, the oil gas will be formed.
c. After processed by huayin waste tire recycling pyrolysis plant, the oil gas will go to the cooling system to be liquified. The gas which can not be liquified under normal pressure will be desinged to go back to combustion system through safety device instead of the fuel material to burn the reactor, which is environmental friendly and can save you much energy.
d. After finished oil collecting, the temperation of reacor will be down, while, carbon black can be discharged automatically at the same time.
e. when the temperature falls down to 100 degree celsius, workers can open the door of reactor to discharge the steel wire.
f. Start another batch working.

After sales service:

  Huayin group is the only company in pyrolysis plant field with Christian background, love is the heart of our culture. All the accessories have been ready for you, include the part, brick. When these equipments delivery to your country, it can be producing directly, this will save you lots of time.  Welcome all customers come to visit our factory!



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