Buy High Quality Continuous Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant Products from Henan, China

Waste tire pyrolysis plant from Henan, China:

Huayin company offers a wide range of waste tire pyrolysis plants which are extensively used for recycling waste rubber, waste tyres and waste plastic. Manufactured using high-grade raw material, these plants are availed to the customers in various specifications. In addition, we also provide customization as per the exact specifications laid down by the customers. The most important thing, these plants are widely appreciated by the customers owing to the various advantages and profits. So promising project, why are you still hesitating?

Common questions and answers:

1. What can we get from waste tire after pyrolysis process?
After processed by our waste tire pyrolysis plant, we can get 45%-50% fuel oil, 30% carbon black, and 15% tire steel and rest pyrolysis gas.
2. If the tire crude oil quality can not meet our local demands, what shall we do ?
The tire oil can be further refined and you will get tire diesel with clean yellow color..
3. How to process carbon black ?
You can make carbon black to briquette which has 4000-5000 kilocalroie.
4. What is your plant area space need ?
It is usually 33 feet width and 131 feet length for the 10 tons capacity machine.
5. How many labours need to operate this plant?
Our machine are highly automatic, usually 4 workers.
6.How to process the waste gas/pyrolysis gas inside the reactor?
We have the professional system to reuse the pyrolysis gas back to the heating system to burn to save your fuel cost.
7. Does your machine pollute the environment ?
Our machine adopts different and higher technology dust removing system to guarantee the emission from the chimney has no any pollution. If you want to know more about this, feel free to contact us,our plant has get ISO14001 international environmental certificates.
8. What is your plant power consumption ?
The usual working power is about 20KW.
9. Does your machine can also pyrolysis waste plastic ?
Sure, it can pyrolysis waste plastic and waste tire, waste rubber.
10. Which country have you ever exported before ?
India, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, Italy, Romania, Hungary, Lebanon, Russia, Turkey, Ecuador and South Africa.
11. Can we see your real working running machine ?
Yes, you can come to our big running plant factory to see its working.
12. How can we install the machine ?
We will send you our experienced high grade engineer to come to your place to install the machine.

Some datas you may cared:

Reactor material Q345R,SS310,310S+Q345
Accessories material Q235B
Reactor size D2800*L6600 mm
Thickness 16mm, 18mm
Voltage 380V
Weight 35 ton
Power 24Kw
Worker needed 4
Land needed Width 10 meters, Length 30-40 meters
Average oil yield 48%
Density of oil 0.89
Combustion value 17.008BTU/Ib

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