The hottest waste pyrolysis plant from china professional manufacturer

Pyrolysis Plant

Huayin waste pyrolysis plant can convert waste to pyrolysis oil with green technology. The raw material can also be waste tire\ plastics \scrap rubber. We have successfully established more 1000 sets of pyrolysis plants around the world. Our pyrolysis machine buyer come from Brazil, Italy, Romania, Thailand, Russia, Lebanon, Pakistan and India and many other foreign countries. In addition to, our waste pyrolysis plant enjoy a good reputation among customers and cover a large-scale market around the world.

Different Models of Huayin waste pyrolysis plant

1. This mode of pyrolysis machine can load 10 tons of crushed tires or 12 tons of waste plastic.
2. After finishing one batch, with auto-feeder, you don’t need to wait the pyrolysis machine cooling down since workers will have to go inside to feed material. If you don’t have one, in that way it will be time-wasting and dangerous.
3. Built-in spiral plates, these plates will make the waste tires/ plastic go ahead.
1. It can load 10 tons of waste tires or 12 tons of waste plastic.
2. The reactor adopts Q345R steel plant and its thickness is 16 mm, which can bear 500-750 batches.
3. We can also make reactor by material 310S+Q345R, which obviously prolong service life 3-5 times.
4. The reactor has two layers, the outer layer built-in cotton insulation, fire cement and steel.
1. Working with Auto-feeder, it is able to contain 12 tons crushed tires or 10 tons whole tires.
2. For plastic, it can contain even 12 tons.
3. The diameter of feeding port is 1400mm.
4.After 2 hours feeding time, it’s time to heat the reactor by coal/wood/natural gas/crude oil. Generally speaking, when the temperature ups to 155 Celsius degrees around, the oil gas will generated.

Special characteristics of huayin waste pyrolysis plant

1. Adopts advanced low temperature pyrolysis patent technology, implement the continuous industrial production, and fundamentally eliminate the environmental and safety concerns.
2. With patented heating technology, unique heat dispersion heating process, and low temperature sulfur transfer agent to heat materials evenly, it not only makes high oil yield, but also ensures the good quality of oil and carbon black.
3. Combustible gas from production can be reused in heating system after purification. And taking advantage of waste heat recycling technology, so our machine can reach high thermal efficiency and reduce the production cost greatly.
4. Low temperature pyrolysis technology greatly improves the safety performance and equipment service life.
5. Special flue gas purification system of huayin waste tyre recycling plant can remove all pollutants in flue gas, H2S, CO, CO2, SO2, SO3, NOX, NH3 and other organic compounds and solid particles, so that the emission index has meet the high standards of Europe and America.

Benefit analysis of Huayin HY-10 type equipment

1.Daily cost:
Raw material:10ton*300.00RMB/ton=3000.00RMB
Water and electricity:15kw*20hour*0.71RMB/kw=213.00RMB
Workers’salary:4(persons) *50.00RMB/Person=200.00RMB
Tax(remark):free from tax for environmental protection equipment
2.Daily turnover:
a.Carbon black:10ton*20%=2ton*1500RMB=3000.00RMB
b.Crude oil :10ton*45%=4.5ton*4500RMB/ton=20250.00RMB
Total :23250.00RMB
3.Daily gross profit :
Gross profit=daily turnover-daily cost=23250.00RMB-3733RMB=19517.00RMB

Other information

Minimom order :1 set
Supply ability:30 set/sets per month
Payment terms :L/C,T/T
Delivery : 15days after receiving advance payment
Place of origin :henan,china(mainland)

If you have any interest ,please contact us. Huayin waste pyrolysis plant will offer you a reasonable price and best-service.


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