Extract high value oil from pyrolysis oil purification equipment

Company   Profile

Huayin waste plastic/tyre recycling pyrolysis plant adopt unique renewable technology which could extract high value oil from pyrolysis oil purification equipment. With the global warming and usage of tyres and rubber products, it has become unstoppable trend to recycle these solid wastes and convert them into fuel oil in pyrolysis way which adopts green environment friendly technology. Huayin energy group has a professional team of experienced and expert recycling, consulting and marketing departments that work hard to obtain replaceable energy from the waste.

3ontinuous Pyrolisis Oil Purification equipment

The first step is pyrolysis process, this period use tyre/plasitc recycling plant convert waste into pyrolysis oil or crude fuel oil, the whole set needs 400 square meters.
The second link is called distillaiton plant, it process the pyrolysis oil from first link into diesel and gasoline, this link needs 400 meters too.
The last link is oil purification system with oil decoloring and deodorant function, the finla product can be used directly in vehicles with high market value.All these three links need about 1000 squares meters together

Let’s see the working flow chart

Waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant: Raw material separation- automatic feed- catalytic cracking- oil-water separation- cooling liquid- crude oil- flammable gas recovery- flammable gas combustion- desulfurization
Used oil distillation to diesel and gasoline plant: Feed liquid crude oil- heating – catalytic cracking – fractionation – cooling liquid – decompression – flammable gas recovery – flammable gas combustion – desulfurization
Oil decoloring and deodorant machine: Purification of oil put into the tank– adding additives A– stir– precipitation– slagging– adding additives B– stir– precipitation– slagging– finished

Approx oil output

Raw material  Oil yield Steel wire
Waste tire/rubber Big tyres  45%-50% 15%-20%
Waste plastic Car tyres  40% 10%-15%
Bicycles motorcycles tyres  30%-35%  5%-10%
Fishing net  45%-50%
Safety-net,  farm-oriented film  45%-50%
Convenient bags, weave bags  40%

Huayin pyrolysis plant could extract high value oil from pyrolysis oil purification equipment which give you what you want, bringing you tremendous profits. If you have interest, please contact us. We always welcome to your visit anytime.

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