High oil yield waste tire recycling machine

Company produce:

xinxiang huayin renewable energy equipment CO.,Ltd is specialized in manufacturing waste tire recycling machine. Our company was founded in 1993 in xinxiang, Henan province. With 20 years experience in this field, our products have highly competitive both in domestic and overseas. Our products have been exported to Italy, Romania, Thailand, Russia, Lebanon, Pakistan and India, enjoying a good reputation among our clients, we have established good relations of cooperation with our customers.

Why we invest in this field:

As we all know, in 21st century, our society produces more and more waste things, such as waste tire and waste plastic. All these things are very hard to disposal,if we burn or bury them, it will cause pollution to the environment. Now, we have a better choice to disposal waste tire and plastic. Using the waste tire recycling machine convert them into fuel oil. From this, we could deal with waste tire and plastic without any pollution, and also create profits.

Product information:


Items Contents
Raw material Waste tires, scrap plastic, waste rubber
Structure form Horizontal
Model HY-6T HY-8T HY-10T
Size of reactor D2200mm*L6000mm D2600mm*L6600mm D2800mm*L6000mm
24 hour capacity 6T 8T 10T
Operating pressure Constant pressure
Heating material Coal, charcoal, fuel gas, fuel oil
Average out-put oil rate 45%-50%
Material of reactor Q345R boiler plate
Thickness of reactor 16mm/18mm
Rotate speed of reactor 0.4 turn/minute
Mode of cooling Water cooling
Power in total 20 Kw
Life 5-8 years
Worker need 4

Working process:

First step, make the reactor rotate clockwise 0.4 turn per minute, put raw materials into reactor automatically, close the feeding door tightly.
Second step, burn the fuel materials( like coal, wood, natural gas,oil etc ) in the furnace. The reactor will be heated slowly. when the temperature reaches nearly 180℃, the oil gas will come out and then go to the cooling system and liquefying to oil.Some incondensable gas which can’t cooling down will flow to furnace through a pipe which can be used to heat the reactor.
In this way, you can save much more energy as you use energy for heating only in the first 2 hours. After the first 2 hours, the main fuel is gas. After pyrolysis, all the oil gas will come out from reactor, the temperature will falling down. Then make the rotate anticlockwise, carbon black discharging begins.
Last step,when the temperature falls to 50℃, worker can open the door of the reactor and take steel wire out.

Final products:

Crude oil carbon black steel wire gas
45%-50% 30%-35% 10%-15% 5%-8%

Through this link, you get the main product, crude oil, you can sell it directly. If you want to get high quality diesel and gasoline, another two links are necessary, they are oil distillation and color and smell remove system. Our company also provide equipment for these two links, if you are interesting in it, please contact us for more details.


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