Waste tire pyrolysis plant, a green way for tire recycling with great economic benefits

As human society entered the 21st century, rubber and plastic products has become a necessity of life, to the end of last century, rubber and plastic products accounted for 90% of petroleum products over the world. Its growing impact on the environment is very serious, it has become a topic issue to solve this problem in the world.
After years research, our technicians developed a set of equipment for waste tire, plastic,used rubber and waste oil recycle. Let’s take waste tire pyrolysis plant as an example, instead of burning or burying waste tires, this plant could extract crude oil from waste tire, this is a green technology, better for our environment and also with great economic benefits.

Operating principle of waste tire pyrolysis plant:

The operating principle of this plant is very simple, what you need to do is putting tires into the reactor, then heating, when the temperature up to a certain degree, there will be oil gas come out, then oil gas goes to the cooling system, at last oil gas will become liquid.

Technical parameters of waste tire pyrolysis plant:

Six sizes of waste tire pyrolysis plant
(diameter*length) (mm)
Boiler plate Q245R/Q345R/S310
Thickness 16/18mm
Condensers Vertical condenser
Horizontal condenser
Product series 4th generation
5th generation
Slagging system Bucket elevator
Carbon black vacuum
Final product
(take tires for example)
oil 45-50%
Carbon black 25-30%
Steel wire 10-15%
gas 5%
Total weight 30-35T
Total power 19kw
Space needed 150m2
Labor needed 4 workers

Waste tire pyrolysis plant working flow chart:

Automatic feed → catalytic cracking → oil-water separation → cooling liquid → carbon black emission → carbon black processing → crude oil → flammable gas recovery → flammable gas combustion → dust removal

Usage of the final products:

FUEL OIL (45% to 50%)

The main product generated by our waste tire pyrolysis plant is fuel oil which is widely used in industrial field so that has great commercial benefits. The oil has 45% to 50% yield of the amount of recycled scrap tires, which can be used in power plant factory
glass factory, cement factory, ceramic factory, aluminum factory, boiler factory, central heating factory etc.

CARBON BLACK (30% to 35%)

Carbon black produced by waste tire pyrolysis plant is more economical compared to carbon black produced primarily from petroleum and is much more price-efficient to be used as raw materials in the industries listed.
Carbon black is used as raw material in many industries and the chemical structure of carbon black strengthens, lengthens the endurance and improves the coloring features of the materials.

STEEL WIRE (10% to 15%)

Tires contain steel wires and the amount range of 10% to 15% of the total tire wastage. All of the steel present in the tire can be detached after the P Valuable steel wires are pressed and sold to steel and scrap dealers.

GAS (5% to 8%)

Non-Condensable gases could be used as heating material.
As you can see, waste tire pyrolysis plant is really a good way for waste tire recycling, not only environmental protection, but also with great economic benefits. If you are interest in this project, please contact us, huayin is a professional supplier of waste tire pyrolysis plant, we will offer you the best equipment and service.

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