Waste tire pyrolysis plant, a green way for waste tire recycling with great economic profit

Waste tire pyrolysis plant of HUAYIN is to convert waste tire or waste plastic into fuel and energy. The raw material of waste tire pyrolysis plant is waste tire, waste plastic and waste rubber and so on. And the final products of waste tire pyrolysis plant is fuel oil, carbon black, steel wire and exhaust gas.

Working process of HUAYIN waste tire pyrolysis plant:

Firstly, put the raw material into furnace, then seal the feed inlet system.
Secondly, burn the fuel material (coal. wood, gas or oil) in the combustion system, the reactor will slowly heat, when the temperature reaches around the certain temperature, it will from solid into gas ,the oil gas will be produced by our technology, then go into the Catalytic Chamber to speed up the reaction and clean out the wax and other impurity. Then go to water-oil separator, and the heavy oil will be separated, and then go through the cooling system to be liquid oil, the gas which cannot be liquid will be recycled to the reactor for heating.
At the same time, the dust removal device will clean up the dust in the gas, then the gas through the Condenser being cooled into liquid, then the gas exhausted to the air is little, so it is no pollution and energy saving.
(automatic feed → catalytic cracking → oil-water separation → cooling liquid → carbon black emission → carbon black processing → crude oil → flammable gas recovery → flammable gas combustion → desulfurization removal.)

Final products from waste tire pyrolysis plant:

Fuel Oil: 40% to 45%
Crude Carbon Black: 30% to 35%
Steel Wire: 15% to 20%
Gas: 5%

Application of the Outputs:

Fuel Oil: Can be used as industrial fuel for burning.
Crude Carbon Black: Can be sold to the brick factory as internal combustion or to the factory needing it as raw materials, such as tire, shoe, cable and sealant companies.
Steel Wire: Can be sold to the iron and steel company directly.
Gas: Can return to the hearth to burn as fuel, so that you can save cost to buy wood or coal.

Profit analysis:

Take waste tire pyrolysis plant processing 10 tons for example

No. Item Cost of Per Batch
1 10 tons waste tire 10T×1500RMB/T=15,000RMB
2 0.4 tons of coal 0.4T×800RMB/T=320RMB
3 Water and electricity 200×1.00RMB=200RMB
4 Workers salary 4×100RMB=400RMB
5 Total Cost 15,920RMB
NO. Item Profits
1 Pyrolysis Oil 10T×45%×4,500RMB=20,250RMB
2 Carbon Black 10T×35%×520RMB=1,820RMB
3 Steel Wire 10T×13%×2200RMB=2,860RMB
4 Gross Profit 24,930RMB
5 Daily Net Profit 24,930RMB-15,920RMB=9,010RMB
6 Monthly Net Profit 9,010RMB×25=225,250RMB
7 Yearly Net Profit 225,250RMB×10=2,252,500RMB

More information:

Model HY-6T HY-8T HY-10T
Size of Reactor D2200mm*L6000mm D2600mm*L6000mm D2800mm*L6000mm
24-hour Capacity 6 tons 8 tons 10 tons
Raw Material Tire/plastic/rubber
Average oil rate 40-45%
Material of Reactor Q245R boiler plate
Thickness of Reactor 12/14/16mm
Rotate speed of Reactor 0.8turn/minute
Total power 20KW
Mode of cooling Water cooling
Diameter of feeding door 750mm/1200mm
Driving method Gear drive
Floor space 150sq.m.
Final products Crude oil 45%-50%
Carbon black 25%-30%
Steel wire 10%-15%
Gas 5%

HUAYIN company is a professional manufacturer and supplier of waste tire pyrolysis plant, we have 20 years’ experience in this area, HUAYIN waste tire pyrolysis plant adopt high technology, which is high efficiency, environmental protection and high degree of security.


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