Hot sale, HUAYIN waste tyre pyrolysis machine

HUAYIN waste tyre pyrolysis machine, a green way for waste tyres/plastics recycling, instead of landfill or burning, you can get crude oil carbon black and steel wire from waste tyres and plastics. This is a project with great opportunity and economic profit. The raw materials you need could be waste tyres,waste plastics and used rubber, these things are useless for common people, that means you only need invest very few money on raw materials. In some countries, government support this project, you don’t have to spend money on them, on the contrary, you will get assistance from government. Only one thing you need to concern, that is the plant used for this project.
If you do some investigation, you will find there are many manufacturers of waste tyre pyrolysis machine, all kinds of plant on the market, they all looked the same, it’ s a difficult job to make a right choice. Some customers find the plants they bought are unqualified, this caused huge economic losses for customers. I’d like to recommend you HUAYIN waste tyre pyrolysis machine, HUAYIN is a company with an unique christian background, honesty is our principle, in the past 20 years, we won a good reputation from our customers. Our products have been exported to many foreign countries, such as India, Thailand, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Italy, South Africa, etc. We pay more attention on products quality, adopt high quality material and special design, maybe you think our products are a little expensive than others’, but, i want to tell you, waste tyre pyrolysis machine is working in high temperature environment, the plant quality must be good, or you can do nothing with it. Compared to domestic supplier, our plant is a little expensive, but we are the best in quality.

Working process of waste tyre pyrolysis machine:

1.Use auto-feeder and our shovel to feed
2.After 1-1.5 hours feeding
3.After close the cover of the reactor,then set the fire in the furnace
4.After two to four hours heating,it is according to your heating material.then the oil come out
5.The oil come out and lasts for 8-10hours.
6.After all the oil come out,there is no need to wait ,you can discharge the carbon black directly.fist open the door in the cover
7.Then open the door in the reactor,remove the screw,then close the door of the cover to discharge the carbon black.
8.After discharge the carbon black.then get the steel to come out of the reactor.
9.Then you can feed the next batch,No matter how hot it is,because we can use the auto-feeder.
10.we use the vacuum carbon black discharger to remove the carbon black from the pool.if you use manpower,it is very hot and may burnt people,you need to wait for a long time.
11.For the carbon black ,you can sell it to others or you can use the machine to granulate it to stick shape.
12.then you can burn it as heating material.

Parameters of waste tyre pyrolysis machine:


Profit analysis:


Raw material cost: ___USD / TON×10Ton=___USD
Fuel material cost:___USD / KG× ___KG= ___USD
(Here you could have four different choices: 5000 kilocalorie Coal—500kg, Fuel oil—170-200kg, Natural gas—270-300cubic, Wood—700-800kg)
Powder consumption: Average 10KW/h ___USD/KW×20hours=___USD
Worker’s salary: ___USD/Day×4Persons= ___USD


Oil Profit: ___USD/Ton×4.5Ton= ___ USD
Carbon black:___USD/Ton×3Ton=___USD
Steel wire:___USD/Ton×1.5Ton=___USD

Gross Profit:

Total profit :___USD - Total cost____USD= ___USD

You can calculate profit based on local situation.

Use HUAYIN waste tyre pyrolysis machine, you can recovery your cost in a short term. Then you will get great profit. Our waste tyre pyrolysis machine passed ISO9001internationalqualitycertification,which is 100% safety and environmental protection, we ensure you the best quality product and services, welcome your inquiry and visiting.


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