Environmental friendly waste tyre pyrolysis plant

Waste tyre recycle is a hot business now, on one hand, there are too many waste tyres produced over the world, people must do lots of efforts to recycle, or our world will be surrounded by black pollution. On the other hand, energy shortage is becoming more and more serious, a new method used for tyre recycling, which could extract crude oil from waste tyres. All in all, waste tyre recycle is not only a profitable business, but also an environmental project. In many countries, such as Brazil, people who do this job will get support from local government, waste tyres are free for them, further more, they will get subsidies from government.
Here, i would like t introduce you a new plant for waste tyre recycling, it is called waste tyre pyrolysis plant. The function of this plant is turning waste tyre into crude oil, carbon black and steel wire. The whole working process is pollution free, and we can ensure you the high profit. With the help of waste tyre pyrolysis plant, you will become a rich man in a short time, and make a contribution to environmental protection.

Environmental friendly waste tyre pyrolysis plant

Basic information about waste tyre pyrolysis plant:

The waste tyre pyrolysis plant is composed by 13 main parts, which are reactor, catalyst chamber, water-oil separator, two big horizontal Condensers(great cooling effect),two oil tank, anti-back fire device, negative pressure device,vacuum device, buffer tank, water jet flue, condenser pipe, de-dusting system, draft fan and chimney.

Environmental friendly waste tyre pyrolysis plant

Waste tyre pyrolysis plant working flow chart:

automatic feed → catalytic cracking → oil-water separation → cooling liquid → carbon black emission → carbon black processing → crude oil → flammable gas recovery → flammable gas combustion → dust removal
Environmental friendly waste tyre pyrolysis plant

Output information:

Environmental friendly waste tyre pyrolysis plant

Environmental friendly waste tyre pyrolysis plant

Profit analysis:

(here we take 10 ton waste tyre pyrolysis plant as example)


Raw material cost:  ___USD / TON×10Ton= ___USD
Fuel material cost: ___  USD / KG× ___ KG= ___ USD
(Here you could have four different choices: 5000 kilocalorie Coal—500kg, Fuel oil—170-200kg, Natural gas—270-300cubic, Wood—700-800kg)
Powder consumption: Average 10KW/h ___ USD/KW×20hours=  ___USD
Worker’s salary:  ___ USD/Day×4Persons= ___ USD


Oil Profit: ___ USD/Ton×4.5Ton= ___ USD
Carbon black: ___USD/Ton×3Ton= ___ USD
Steel wire:  ___  USD/Ton×1.5Ton=  ___ USD

Gross Profit:

Total profit  ___USD - Total cost  ___USD= ___  USD
Note:You can calculate profit according to local situation. Generally speaking, you could recover your cost in 4 to 5 months, one year later, you will become very rich.

Advantages of our waste tyre pyrolysis plant:

1, Environmental protection:

1) Waste gas:

Transferred through two safety device: water close burning air nozzle. Fully burnt, not only eliminated pollutant but also minimized the quantity of fuels. For smoke dust discharge, we apply series machines of ZTC Desulfurization and dust remover which could control the smoke dust discharge amount meet relative standards of GB-2001.

2) Waste liquid:

Produced waste acidic water in the process of oil disposing (50kg process from 1 ton of oil easy to process for small quantity). Counteract the liquid by alkalescent liquid solution. After three stage of filtration, the litmusless waste water was introduced to evaporator(use the heat of the flue of main processor as its heating resource)

3) waste solid :

The residua left after the catalyst splitting of tire is black carbon. No waste is solid exist.

2, Security:

a :Adopting automatic submerged welding technology
b: Adopting manufacture process controlling system .
c: Steam pressure and water pressure

3, Full open door design:

Speedy Loading in and steer drawing out, easily cooling down after one batch finished, saving time; No leaking with special high temperature flexible Graphite packing

4, Fully enclosed Carbon black discharging system under high temperature.

5, Energy conservation and low cost on operation.

Environmental friendly waste tyre pyrolysis plant

HUAYIN customers:
Environmental friendly waste tyre pyrolysis plant

CNC machinery:

Environmental friendly waste tyre pyrolysis plant

HUAYIN company is a professional manufacturer and supplier of waste trye pyrolysis plant, we have 20 years experience in this field, our company has an unique christian background, honesty is our principle. Our waste tyre pyrolysis plant has been exported to many foreign countries and won a good reputation from customers. HUAYIN is a reliable friend for you. Welcome your inquiry and visiting.


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