Used oil recycling equipment, to get diesel and gasoline

  Used motor oil, heavy oil, and other kinds of fuel oil, people take these things as garbage, they are a bad pollution to the environment and human body. How to recycle used oil is a big problem for us, the two principle of recycling job are pollution free and turn waste into energy. According to this, i would like to introduce you the used oil recycling equipment. This equipment is professionally used to recycle used oil, you can turn used oil into high quality diesel and gasoline without any pollution. Used oil recycling equipment is the second link of our waste to energy plant. The 1st link is tyre/plastic pyrolysis plant, the 3rd link is color and smell remove system.
Used oil recycling equipment, to get diesel and gasoline

Why we need used oil recycling equipment:

1, we need this machine to recycle used oil.
2,More and more people not only need crude oil,also need diesel and gasoline.
3,Better quality oil can sell at good price.
4,used oil and plastic crude oil can be made to standard diesel put into car engine.
5,Can get biodiesel from waste tyre crude oil.

Working process of used oil recycling equipment:

First, pump the waste oil into reactor by oil pump.
Second, use coal/wood/natural gas/fuel oil/electricity heating the reactor.
Third, after heating some time, the liquid oil will become oil gas, oil gas will be liquefied by the cooling pipe and condensers then will go into oil tank. Here we get mixed oil, or u can also call it fuel oil. If you wanna get diesel and gasoline separately, through temperature control could separate it and collected into two different oil tanks.
Fourth, some gases (syngas) like Methane, Ethane, Propane, Butane, and Hydrogen cannot be liquefied under normal pressure and normal temperature will be recycled to fire furnace heating the reactor.
Fifth, when use burning material heating the reactor, will produce some smoke. These smokes will go into our de-dusting system, the inside we design some high pressure nozzles, these nozzles will spraying some chemical water, the dust will be absorbed by the chemical water and flowing into the de-dusting pool. In the pool we will put some chemical which could remove the sulfur.
Sixth, the exhaust gas will go into the chimney sucked by draft fan, when emission the exhaust gas will become steam, no pollution.
Used oil recycling equipment, to get diesel and gasoline

Final products:

Fuel oil 90%
Slag and tail gas 10%

Profit analysis:

(here we take 5ton used oil recycling equipment as example.)


Raw material cost: ___ USD / TON×5Ton= ___USD
Fuel material cost: ___  USD / KG× ___KG= ___USD
(Here you could have four different choices: 5000 kilocalorie Coal—500kg, Fuel oil—170-200kg, Natural gas—270-300cubic, Wood—700-800kg)
Powder consumption: Average 10KW/h  ___USD/KW×20hours= ___ USD
Worker’s salary: ___ USD/Day×4Persons= ___ USD


Oil Profit:  ___ USD/Ton×4.5Ton= ___ USD

Gross Profit:

Total profit ____ USD - Total cost  ___ USD=  ____ USD
Note: This project not only a business but also a green technology to clean the world.

Advantages of used oil recycling equipment:


1. With an auto welding machine for the reactor, it can not only greatly improve working efficiency but also guarantee the quality of welding seam, thus avoid explosion caused by gas leak.
2. Professional heating treatment and x-ray detection chamber are especially for welding.
3. Vacuum system will prevent oil gas from  going back to reactor and causing accident.
4. Professional thermometer, pressure gauge and safety valve.
5.It is dangerous to burn exhaust gas(C1 to C4) without any safety measures. In our process, it is transferred first through the safety device and safe gas gun. Before burning, we should ensure the safety of production.

Environment friendly:

1.Well water dedusting system can avoid black smoke.
2.The waste gas will be recycled for heating reactor, no gas pollution
3.Every junction of the reactor is in good sealing situation with professional sealing material.

Long service life:

1.Material: Q345R special steel plate ,thickness 16mm.
2. Welding: Automatic welding machine with heating treatment and x-ray detection will prolong the service life of reactor to the max.
Used oil recycling equipment, to get diesel and gasoline


Used oil recycling equipment, to get diesel and gasoline

HUAYIN customers:

Used oil recycling equipment, to get diesel and gasoline

CNC machinery:

Used oil recycling equipment, to get diesel and gasoline

Xinxiang huayin renewable energy equipment CO., Ltd is a professional and supplier of used oil recycling equipment, we have 20 years experience in this field. Have any questions, please contact us. Welcome your inquiry and visiting.

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