Full automatic waste tyre pyrolysis plant

  Huayin renewable energy equipment CO.,Ltd is specialized in manufacturing waste tyre pyrolysis plant, with 20 years experience and continuously research and improve, our products reached the standard of international environmental protection. That is a great honor for me to introduce you the waste tyre pyrolysis plant from our company. With some special devices, our plant is full automatic and high efficiency.
Full automatic waste tyre pyrolysis plant

New technology improving working efficiency:

1, Feeding system:

In our processing,there is an auto-feeder for putting into the material.60T hydraulic pressure,can feed 500 kg one time,if 10tons tire/plastic,feeding time will last 2 hours.And if you choose the feeder,that means no need workers lift up the tires into the reactor,save manpower.After discharge the carbon,if you use feeder,no need wait the reactor cool down,can start next batch directly,cause no need worker go inside to feed,can save time and also very safe,after finish one batch,there are lots of different gas inside the reactor,even you cool down it,how can you ensure it’s safe when your workers go inside.So this is the heart point of our auto-feeder.

2, Reactor:

Reactor is the most important of whole system,actually,the lifetime is according to the material of reactor. Before,all the companies use Q245R boiler plate,until now,most of them still not change,but we already changed to Q345R many years,the quality of these two material are totally different,Q245R only can last 400 batches,but Q345R can last 650-700 batches.Why the price of machines are different?If really same quality and cost,how could they sell the machine lose cost,I think that’s not true. Also for our reactor can process both plastic and tire,if you have these two materials,this is designed for you sir,only this machine is worthy of you.

3,Vacuum system:

We get this patent, it’s designed by our boss and our engineers. It’s a safe device, the working principle is very simple: use the motor and water pump to keep the water rotating at a high speed, ensure there is a vacuum,then can suck all the gas from reactor,before 100 degree,can suck all the steam,there will be no water in the oil.And also if all the gas is sucked to the back,inside the reactor pressure will be negative, it’s much safer. Also the pyrolysis temperature will be lower to save energy.

4, Condenser:

In our machine,there are two horizontal condensers. Some people said that the big pool is better than condenser and also said more pipes inside the condenser or more condenser and so on. I just want to ask them:Do you understand pyrolysis machine and oil refining machine? In all of the world,the standard cooling is pipe condenser,and also the distance of cooling can not be very long ,that will reduce oil percentage.This is not secret,but why more and more customer said that’ good? Cause most customers don’t know this machine,so some companies just make different and shape to cheat.
Full automatic waste tyre pyrolysis plant

Waste tyre pyrolysis plant working flow chart:

Full automatic waste tyre pyrolysis plant

Application of final products:

1. Fuel Oil(40% to 45%): Can be used as industrial fuel for burning.
2. Crude Carbon Black(30% to 35%): Can be sold to the brick factory as internal combustion or to the factory needing it as raw materials, such as tire, shoe, cable and sealant companies. Besides, you can make it into pellet by our carbon black pellet machine.
3. Steel Wire(15% to 20%): Can be sold to the iron and steel company directly.
4.Gas(5%): Can return to the hearth to burn as fuel, so that you can save cost to buy wood or coal.

Profit analysis:

(here we take 10 ton waste tyre pyrolysis plant as example)


Raw material cost: ___USD / TON×10Ton= ___ USD
Fuel material cost: ___ USD / KG×___ KG=  ___ USD
(Here you could have four different choices: 5000 kilocalorie Coal—500kg, Fuel oil—170-200kg, Natural gas—270-300cubic, Wood—700-800kg)
Powder consumption: Average 10KW/h___ USD/KW×20hours= ___ USD
Worker’s salary: ___ USD/Day×4Persons= ___ USD


Oil Profit:___ USD/Ton×4.5Ton=  ___ USD
Carbon black: ___ USD/Ton×3Ton=___USD
Steel wire:___ USD/Ton×1.5Ton= ___ USD

Gross Profit:

Total profit ___ USD - Total cost ___ USD= ___ USD
Note:You can calculate profit according to local situation. Generally speaking, you could recover your cost in 4 to 5 months, one year later, you will become very rich.


Full automatic waste tyre pyrolysis plant

HUAYIN customers:

Full automatic waste tyre pyrolysis plant
CNC machinery:

Full automatic waste tyre pyrolysis plant

Need more information about our waste tyre pyrolysis plant, or have any questions, please contact us.


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