Tyre pyrolysis plant from HUAYIN China

Company introduction:

Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co.,Ltd is located in Xinxiang City,Henan Province, KangCun village Station, The products mainly include waste plastic refining equipment, tyre pyrolysis plant, waste oil refining equipment, fuel oil purification equipment, distillation machine, municipal solid waste sorting equipment, dust removal equipment. The company has experts, engineers, technicians of the technical development team, in order to meet the special requirements of customers products, the company is willing to personalize your customized products. Here, i would like to introduce you our tire pyrolysis plant.

Tyre pyrolysis plant from HUAYIN China

Tyre pyrolysis plant working process:

1,Feed the raw material into furnace automatically or manually, then seal the feed inlet system.
2,heat the reactor by burning the fuel material(coal,or wood,or natural gas ,oil ) in the combustion system.
the reactor will slowly become heat ,when the temperature reach around 250 degree Celsius, the oil gas will be formed.
3, After processed by our technology, the oil gas will go to cooling system for cold liquid oil.
the gas which can not become liquid under normal pressure , will be designed to go back to combustion system through safety device instead of the fuel material to burn the reactor, which is environmental friendly and can save you much energy.
4,After finished oil produce ,the temperature of reactor will be down,while,carbon black can be discharged automatically.
5,when the temperature fall down to 100 degree Celsius,worker could opened the door of reactor to discharge of steel wire.
6,Then can start to another batch working.

Tyre pyrolysis plant from HUAYIN China

Usage of final products:

End products Productivity      Usage
Pyrolysis oil 45% A. Sell directly.
B. Turn to diesel and gasoline by oil distillation machine.
C. Fuel materials.
Carbon black 30% A. Sell directly.
B. Reprocessing to fine carbon by carbon black refining machine.
Steel wire(for waste tire) 15% A. Sell directly.
B. Deep processing to steel bloom by hydraulic press-packing.
Flammable oil gas 10% A. Fuel burn by use gas burn system(pyrolysis machine included)
B. Flammable gas can be storage as fuel material for heating.


Profit analysis:

(here we take 10 ton tyre pyrolysis plant as example)


Raw material cost:___ USD / TON×10Ton= ___ USD
Fuel material cost:___USD / KG× ___KG= ___USD
(Here you could have four different choices: 5000 kilocalorie Coal—500kg, Fuel oil—170-200kg, Natural gas—270-300cubic, Wood—700-800kg)
Powder consumption: Average 10KW/h___ USD/KW×20hours= ___ USD
Worker’s salary:___ USD/Day×4Persons=___ USD


Oil Profit:___ USD/Ton×4.5Ton=___USD
Carbon black:___ USD/Ton×3Ton=___ USD
Steel wire:___ USD/Ton×1.5Ton=___USD

Gross Profit:

Total profit  ___ USD - Total cost ___ USD=___ USD
Note:You can calculate profit according to local situation. Generally speaking, you could recover your cost in 4 to 5 months, one year later, you will become very rich.

Main features of our tyre pyrolysis plant:


1. Advanced sealing technology for covering and oil outlet.
2. Specific design can avoid the blocking.
3. Vacuum system can prevent exhaust gas going back to reactor that cause accident.
4. Alarm, safety valves, thermometer, pressure gauge and security valve.

Energy saving:

1. Well-sealed for heating system, no gas leak and saving fuel.
2. The exhaust gas will be recycled for heating.

High oil output:

1. Three cooling processes ensure the oil gas liquefied sufficiently.
2. Catalyst chamber ensure the raw material pyrolysis totally.

Long service life:

The service life of the reactor lasts for 5-8 years.

High degree of automatic:

We have many automatical devices such as: auto-feeder,carbon black elevator,oil pumping automatically,reducing pressure automatically.


Tyre pyrolysis plant from HUAYIN China

HUAYIN customers:

Tyre pyrolysis plant from HUAYIN China
CNC machinery:

Tyre pyrolysis plant from HUAYIN China

HUAYIN is a professional manufacturer and supplier of  tyre pyrolysis plant, we have exported our plant to many foreign countries, won a good reputation from customers. We can ensure the quality of our products and high profit of this project. Have any questions, please contact us. Welcome your inquiry and visiting.
See more at: http://www.oil-pyrolysis.com
Email: huayin@oil-pyrolysis.com


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