6th Generation waste tyre pyrolysis oil machine half a year to recover

Why you need waste tyre pyrolysis oil machine to recycle waste tire, rubber?
First, Waste tire , waste rubber is becoming a big threat to the environment and get increasingly serious. Almost in all countries, every year government spent so much money to solve this problem. The truck and car waste tire become more and more as times developing.
Second, The crude oil underground is non-renewable energy, in many countries the crude oil is rely on the importing from middle east, but we all clear that the crude oil will be use up one day. Seeking new energy has become the big No.1 concern.
Third, Waste tire rubber pyrolysis oil production line pyrolysis waste truck tire, waste car tire, waste motor bike tyre,waste rubber to oil, carbon black, and steel wire. This machine has advanced and comprehensive dust removing system to avoid second time pollution.

Large and small specification waste tyre pyrolysis oil machine:

FAQ related to customer benefits:

1. Q: What kind product and how much quantity you can get from tire pyrolysis?
A: Truck tire and car tire 45%-50% , carbon black 30%, tire steel wire 15%, 5%-10% tail gas.
2. Q: Profit analysis:
A: 10 tons per batch cost : coal 700kg needed , 22 hours electric cost , 4-5 labors cost , 10 tons scrap tyre cost
    10 tons per batch profit : 10 ton*45% oil profit, 10 ton* 30% carbon black profit, 10 ton*15% tire wire profit
    10 tons net profit = 10 tons profit -10 tons cost
    Every month 25 batches
    Indian Market every month net profit is 8000-12000 dollars. (indian tire is 250dollars per ton)
    Mexico market every month net profit is 47250 dollars ( Mexico tire is free)

Choosing waste tyre pyrolysis plant need to pay more attention to the following 4 aspects:
1. Safety aspect
Waste tyre pyrolysis plant is new industrial, so there is no specific regulations to test this machine whether it is safety, good quality. Then the tire oil refining experience become a very important aspect to test this machine. HUAYIN BRAND start oil refining since 1993.
Apart from the safety measurements, the engineer operating skills occupied 40% to guarantee 100% safety machine. Most of our engineer team member start together with our factory start.
60% safety technology hardware for tire pyrolysis machine are safety valves, pressure gauge, oil-water separator, vacuum device, anti-back flow device, maybe u are new to hear this name, if u wanna know more details, please feel free to contact us.
Please note safety is No.1 concern for pyrolysis machine, if you chose unsafety machine, it means you are close to lost money.

2. Environmental aspect
Aim to different market we have different dust removing system. If pyrolysis machine can not reach the local environment requirement, then this machine will be shut down.
The dust from the furnace by burning coal, wood, oil, natural gas, and waste gas from pyrolysis process. The smoke and acid gas will go though the dust removing system : water jet flue, de-duster, draught fan, chimney base, chimney. There are Asia market and European market Standard de-duster.
How we avoid smelling, prevent water pollution?
The further details for this technology will be supplied when you contact us.

3. Oil yield
Apart from the raw materials itself oil rate, the rest aspect is up to the technology. We use the most useful energy exchange Method cool the oil gas.
There are three grade cooling, circulating cooling water system. Another aspect is the operating skills.

4. After-sales service
As per our past customer’s feedback, many customer worry once their machine met problem how guarantee the machine after-sales service. As per this problem, our engineer team make a very detailed manual : installation manual, operation manual, maintenance manual, where has pictures, english description and the video of each steps.
The details can make sure u install this machine by yourself, if u still worry we can send u engineer to help u test machine, this will not take so much time. Save your time, save your cost. As if engineer stay there longer time , buyer need to pay more salary.
Until now we are the unique factory can offer this kind service.

5. Running machine factory
There is an old saying: seeing is believing, if u are green in this field, checking the real running machine is very key important. On internet it is very difficult to recognize which one is real good technology, more difficult to check the information offered on internet whether is true.
HUAYIN has the unique and biggest running machine factory for your checking and visiting, there are 6 sets machine running . Also we have our own laboratory to help u test your materials oil rate and oil specification.

Welcome your visiting anytime, we will pick up you at nearby airport!

– See more at: http://www.huayinenergy.com/Product/Pyrolysis-Plant/6th_Generation_waste_tyre_pyrolysis_oil_machine_half_a_year_to_recover_453.html#sthash.nLcS7ibn.dpuf


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