5ton, 8ton, 10ton competitive price scrap tire recycling plant to fuel oil

Tire recycling plant made in China:

Huayin scrap tire recycling plant manufacturer is the premier provider of used tire recycling machine located in China. With continuous innovation, technology and process, Huayin group is a revolutionary Chinese recycling machinery enterprise – convert wastes to energy. With honesty working principle and Christian enterprise culture, Huayin company gain fine reputation on global market and exported tyre recycling plant to many foreign countries include Italy, Romania, Thailand, Russia, Lebanon, Pakistan, Mexico, India and so on.

5ton, 8ton, 10ton competitive price scrap tire recycling plant to fuel oil
5ton, 8ton, 10ton competitive price scrap tire recycling plant to fuel oil

Tire recycling plant working process:

First step, make the reactor rotate clockwise 0.4 per minute, put raw materials like scrap tires or plastics into reactor with auto-feeder, shut the feeding door tightly.
Second step, burn the fuel materials( like coal, wood, natural gas,oil etc ) in the furnace. The reactor will be heated slowly. when the temperature reaches nearly 180℃, the oil gas will come out and then go to the cooling system and liquefying to oil.Some incondensable gas which can’t cooling down will flow to furnace through a pipe which can be used to heat the reactor.
In this way, you can save much more energy as you use energy for heating only in the first 2 hours. After the first 2 hours, the main fuel is gas. After pyrolysis, all the oil gas will come out from reactor, the temperature will falling down. Then make the rotate anticlockwise, carbon black discharging begins.
Last step,when the temperature falls to 50℃, worker can open the door of the reactor and take steel wire out.

Frequently asked questions:

1. For your machine, if the tire need be cut?
For our machine, if your diameter of the tire it less than 1600mm, you needn’t cut the tire, we have powerful auto-feeder to feed the 10 t tire in 2 hours

2. How many worker do you need to operate the machine?
2- 4 workers are enough for one plant

3. Where we can see the running machine?
We have 2000 demo factory with 6 plants to show you, you can see the whole running procedure and make the machine clear. Besides, to know more about our strength and test our production quality.

4. Is there any pollution for your machine?
No air, no water and no soil pollution, even there is no vapor coming out from the chimney.

5. How about the maintenance?
we can repair the machine in 1 year for free and lifetime maintenance.

6. If you will send engineer responsible for the installment
We will send the engineers to guide the installation, debugging the machine and train your workers.

5ton, 8ton, 10ton competitive price scrap tire recycling plant to fuel oil
5ton, 8ton, 10ton competitive price scrap tire recycling plant to fuel oil

7. How to deal with the waste gas?
The extra waste gas could not be emitted directly in the air, as it would get accumulated in the surroundings, and even a single spark can lead to blast. The waste gas is transferred back to the heating chamber to heat the reactor as fuel. During this period, the whole plant only cost little coal. It is hard to store this waste gas, because this gas is coming together with the tyre oil gas. The cost for storing this waste gas is more than the profit this waste gas can give. So usually this waste gas is burnt for heating the reactor.Waste tyre pyrolysis plant

8. Carbon black gets accumulated at its oil-out pipe. How it can be auto-shifted to the store?
In the reactor, there is weld spiral plate on inwall. When one batch finished, cool down the reactor for several hours. Open the carbon black slag door, let the reactor rotating in the opposite way, the carbon black will be transferred out automatically. Then you can dig a pool beside the carbon black door, the carbon black will drop into the poor, then you can use the spiral carbon black dregs machine to help.

9. They say that oil should be removed from the tank before running next batch. Then whether another oil tank is required so that we can produce continuously?
Yes, they are right, the oil shall be pumped out before running next batch. We provide the oil pump. For the oil tanks, we can’t provide very big one, because the containers don’t have enough space. The customer need to prepare one big oil tanks by himself. Waste tyre pyrolysis plant

10. What is the application of raw carbon black?
Usually, the carbon black is sold out directly as rough carbon black. Or the carbon black can be refined again, become good carbon black with a higher mesh.

11. What about the steel wire? How to remove it?
Steel removal is a big question, as it gets entangled in the reactor. Now, the steel is easy to be out. When the carbon black finish discharging there is only bunches waste steel inside the reactor. Then pull it out. You can use the steel wire hook in the auto feeder, it is very convenient.

12. Final Product Application of Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant
The final products after pyrolysis are fuel oil,gas,steel and carbon black,and they are used in below field:

1.Fuel oil usage :
Power plant factory,glass factory,cement factory,.ceramic factory,aluminum factory,
Boiler factory,central heating factory,painting factory
2.Carbon black usage:
Electric cable jacketing,conveyor belt,hose and doormat,black nylon bag,rubber additive,automatic spare parts
Heat isolation,black colorant in rubber materials,plastic pipes,industries rubber products,fire fighting
3.Gas: Used as a fuel material
4.Steel: Used as a construction material or resale to buyer

5ton, 8ton, 10ton competitive price scrap tire recycling plant to fuel oil
5ton, 8ton, 10ton competitive price scrap tire recycling plant to fuel oil
5ton, 8ton, 10ton competitive price scrap tire recycling plant to fuel oil
5ton, 8ton, 10ton competitive price scrap tire recycling plant to fuel oil


Welcome to China to visit our demo running waste tyre recycling plant in Huayin factory, we have professional engineer to solve your problems and customize suitable machine for you!


see more at: http://www.tyre-pyrolysis-plant.com/5ton-8ton-10ton-competitive-price-scrap-tire-recycling-plant-to-fuel-oil/


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