Industrial waste plastic recycling machine with CE approbation

Plastic waste to wealth recycling machine:

In recent years, waste recycling project is becoming more and more popular, waste tyre and waste plastic recycling pyrolysis machine appeared for the large market demands. Here I will recommend you huayin plastic recycling machine. The whole set of Huayin waste plastic recycling machine was made up by 1527 big and small components. Started in 1993, with 21 years research and development, Huayin people never stop innovation and solved lots of technical problems. In today’s complex global market, we pay more attention on details, we devoted to manufacture perfect waste tyre plastic recycling machine. All HUAYIN members dedicated to support real profitable pyrolysis machine for our clients throughout the world! In addition, our factory have six demo running machine for customer visting, welcome to your visiting!

Large and small capacity plastic recycling machine:

Technical Parameter of Xinxiang Huayin Pyrolysis Machinery
Items Six models
Model HY-6T HY-7T HY-8T HY-9T HY-10T HY-12T
Size of  Reactor D2200*L6000 D2200*L6600 D2600*L6000 D2600*L6600 D2800*L6000 D2800*L6600
Raw Material Waste tire/plastic/rubber products
Final Products Fuel oil, carbon black, steel wire, flammable gas
Material of Reactor Q345R boiler plate
Thickness of Reactor 12/14/16/18mm
Oil yield 45%-55%
Rotate Speed of Reactor 0.4 turn/minute
Driving Method Gear drive
Cooling Way Water Cooling
Operating Pressure Normal
Noise (db) ≤75

Huayin running plastic recycling machine:

Tyre plastic recycling manufacturing process:

In Huayin manufacturing shop, we replace handwork by automatic machines, we bought a batch of CNC machinery to produce more precise machine. On the one hand, the productions ability is increased even with less workers. On the other hand the quality of products is improved because by machine the manufacturing procedure is more accurate.
We choose high quality for all materials, including the plate of reactor and accessories, the motors, the shell cover, the roller, the gear, the reducer, the insulation material, the sealing material etc. We pay attention to details in each process so that we can supply clients high quality plastic recycling machine.

Plastic recycling pyrolysis machine components:

A. Auto-feeder

1. Auto-feeder feeds raw materials with 50 ton hydraulic pressure, it can feed much more than manpower and save time at the same time.
2. Workers do not need to get inside reactor, therefore it’s safer.
3. After running one batch, it can start another batch after 2 hours. If feed by workers, they can not get inside reactor while it’s still hot. But by auto-feeder it saves fuel opportunely.

B. Heating system

1. Heating system is used to heat the reactor.
2. Fuel could be wood, coal, gas or oil accordingly.
3. Fuel gas produced from pyrolysis process is recycled to furnace and burn as fuel.

C. Reactor & Catalyst chamber

1. Reactor is made by Q345R boiler plate in 16mm thickness
2. Both ends of reactor is one-piece formed shell cover
3. Driven by steel-cast heavy reducer
4. Base of reactor is made by I-beam with enough strength
5. Rollers are located under feeding port and oil outlet so as to keep it concentric. When reactor is running and rolling it will not be unstable.
6. Thermal insulation board has 3 levels – steel, rock wool, refractory cement
7. Manufacturing with auto-cutting, auto-rolling and auto-welding
8. Oil gas is decelerated and purified by catalyst chamber

D. Cooling system

1. Cooling system has 3 steps – condenser pipe*1 – horizontal condenser*2 – vertical condenser*2
2. Oil gas is divided into several portions inside condensers, therefor contact area is large which means cooling area is large.
3. And flow velocity of oil gas is reduced, therefor cooling time is long.

E: Slagging system

1. There are two methods to discharge carbon black – vacuum discharging device and screw conveyor.
2. The discharging progress is under closed situation so as to ensure safety and avoid pollution.
3. Take out steel wire with winch and hook device under auto-feeder.

Safety system:

1. Anti-back fire device and oil-water separator are meanwhile water seal devices to avoid backflow of oil gas or fire if happened.
2. Vacuum device keeps machine running under normal pressure.
3. Pressure gauge to monitor pressure while machine is running. If pressure went beyond standard.
4. Electric cabinet to control electric power.
5. Temperature monitoring device show the temperature and running process.

Pyrolysis recycling machine in foreign countries:

Huayin machinery certificaiton:

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