Pyrolysis machines convert waste plastic/tyre to oil

Experienced pyrolysis machines manufacturer:

Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional experienced manufacturer of waste tyres/plastics to oil pyrolysis machines, used oil refining machine and oil purification system for 21 years since 1993. We have three continuous standard working process to help customers get diesel and gasoline include pryolysis machine, distillation machine and decoloring device. Huayin owns tens of independent & professional departments to serve global customers. Our company has obtained certificates of ISO9001:2000,ISO14001 and CE and many other patents. Welcome your inquiry and visiting!

Pyrolysis machines technical parameters:

NO. Model Reactor size volume capacity Note
1 HY-2200-6000 2200*6000mm 20.7 M³ 5 MT/Batch 3 batches 2days
2 HY-2200-6600 2200*6600mm 25.1 M³ 6 MT/Batch 3 batches 2days
3 HY-2600-6000 2600*6000mm 31.8M³ 7 MT/Batch 1 batch 1 day
4 HY-2600-6600 2600*6600mm 35.0M³ 8 MT/Batch 1 batch 1 day
5 HY-2800-6000 2800*6000mm 36.9 M³ 9 MT/Batch 1 batch 1 day
6 HY-2800-6600 2800*6600mm 40.6 M³ 10 MT/Batch 1 batch 1 day

Tyre plastic to oil pyrolysis machines working time:

Model Feeding Processing Cooling Discharge Total
2200*6000 2hr 7-8hr 2hr 2hr 14hr
2200*6600 2hr 8hr 2hr 2hr 14hr
2600*6000 3 hr 10 hr 3 hr 3 hr 19 hr
2800*6000 3 hr 12 hr 3 hr 3 hr 21 hr
2800*6600 3 hr 13-14 hr 3 hr 3 hr 23 hr

Series raw materials oil yield:

Oil Yield
Raw Material Oil Yield Steel wire Carbon Black Water
Waste tire/Rubber Big tires 45%-50% 15%-20% 30% 5%-10%
Car tires 40% 10%-15% 45% 5%-10%
Cycling or Motorcycle tires 30%-35% 5%-10% 45% 5%-10%
Waste plastic Fishing net 45%-50% 30%
Safety net; Farming film 45%-50% 25%
Convenience bag; Woven bag 40% 30%
Offcut from recycled paper plant 20%-30% 20%

Tyre/plastic pyrolysis machines main components:


1. Auto-feeder feeds raw materials with 50 ton hydraulic pressure, it can feed much more than manpower and save time at the same time.
2. Workers do not need to get inside reactor, therefore it’s safer.
3. After running one batch, it can start another batch after 2 hours. If feed by workers, they can not get inside reactor while it’s still hot. But by auto-feeder it saves fuel opportunely.

Reactor&catalyst chamber:

1. Reactor is made by Q345R boiler plate in 16mm thickness
2. Both ends of reactor is one-piece formed shell cover
3. Driven by steel-cast heavy reducer
4. Base of reactor is made by I-beam with enough strength
5. Rollers are located under feeding port and oil outlet so as to keep it concentric. When reactor is running and rolling it will not be unstable.
6. Thermal insulation board has 3 levels – steel, rock wool, refractory cement
7. Manufacturing with auto-cutting, auto-rolling and auto-welding
8. Oil gas is decelerated and purified by catalyst chamber

Cooling system:

1. Cooling system has 3 steps – condenser pipe*1 – horizontal condenser*2 – vertical condenser*2
2. Oil gas is divided into several portions inside condensers, therefor contact area is large which means cooling area is large.
3. And flow velocity of oil gas is reduced, therefor cooling time is long.

Slagging system:

1. There are two methods to discharge carbon black – vacuum discharging device and screw conveyor.
2. The discharging progress is under closed situation so as to ensure safety and avoid pollution.
3. Take out steel wire with winch and hook device under auto-feeder.

Safety system:

1. Anti-back fire device and oil-water separator are meanwhile water seal devices to avoid backflow of oil gas or fire if happened.
2. Vacuum device keeps machine running under normal pressure.
3. Pressure gauge to monitor pressure while machine is running. If pressure went beyond standard.
4. Electric cabinet to control electric power.
5. Temperature monitoring device show the temperature and running process.
Environmental system:

1. Flue gas caused by burning fuel to heat reactor will be processed by environmental system before emission. So that it will not cause air pollution.
2. Flue gas is dedusted by 3 steps–dust removal device–chimney base–ondenser
3. Dedusted water is circularly used.

Welcome to visit Huayin:

Huayin company has christian background, our corporated culture reflect one word, that is love. Our boss Mr.Guo is a devout christian, Jesus is his faith. He believes that he can do a successful career with love as jesus save the world with his love. We firmly believed that love can bring us together and help us build a better enterprise. Welcome your inquiry and come to our factory to visit running tire plastic pyrolysis machines.


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