Producing diesel oil from catalytic pyrolysis of used tires and plastic wastes

New solution for used tires and plastic wastes:

With the increasing social development and modernization, rubber and plastic industry has been developed vigorously, and the rubber plastic products have been widely used in all works of our life; but on the other hand, more scrap articles are produced and accumulated to big amount as a result of erode-resistant characteristic of the rubber, thus posing a big public hazard to the environment and hygiene. What is worse, the problem has become more severe in recent years; hence, people vividly described it as black pollution. Compared with developed western countries, China are very inexperienced in handling the pollution of scrap rubber, besides, the fund and market are big problems too. The appearance of pyrolysis machine for used tyre rubbers and plastic help people find new solution for these wastes. Let’s see it:

Producing diesel oil from catalytic pyrolysis of used tires and plastic wastes

Producing diesel oil from catalytic pyrolysis of used tires and plastic wastes

Huayin pyrolysis machine for used tires special characteristics:

1. Huayin pyrolysis machine for used tire rubber and plastics adopts advanced low temperature pyrolysis patent technology, implement the continuous industrial production, and fundamentally eliminate the environmental and safety concerns.
2. With patented heating technology, unique heat dispersion heating process, and low temperature sulfur transfer agent to heat materials evenly, it not only makes high oil yield, but also ensures the good quality of oil and carbon black.
3. Combustible gas from production can be reused in heating system after purification. And taking advantage of waste heat recycling technology, so our machine can reach high thermal efficiency and reduce the production cost greatly.
4. Low temperature pyrolysis technology greatly improves the safety performance and equipment service life.
5. Special flue gas purification system can remove all pollutants in flue gas, H2S, CO, CO2, SO2, SO3, NOX, NH3 and other organic compounds and solid particles, so that the emission index has meet the high standards of Europe and America.

Pyrolysis machine working time:

(Since huayin used tire pyrolysis machine have six different models, so the working time also varies, here, let’s take 10 ton pyrolysis machine as an example:)

Producing diesel oil from catalytic pyrolysis of used tires and plastic wastes

Producing diesel oil from catalytic pyrolysis of used tires and plastic wastes

Pyrolysis machine main components:


1. Auto-feeder feeds raw materials with 50 ton hydraulic pressure, it can feed much more than manpower and save time at the same time.
2. Workers do not need to get inside reactor that guarantees personal safety.
3. After running one batch, it can start another batch after 2 hours. If feed materials by workers, they can not get inside reactor while it’s still hot. But by auto-feeder it saves fuel opportunely.


1. Reactor is made by Q345R boiler plate in 16mm thickness.
2. Both ends of reactor is one-piece formed shell cover.
3. Driven by steel-cast heavy reducer.
4. Base of reactor is made by I-beam with enough strength.
5. Rollers are located under feeding port and oil outlet so as to keep it concentric. When reactor is running and rolling it will not be unstable.
6. Thermal insulation board has 3 levels – steel, rock wool, refractory cement.
7. Manufacturing with auto-cutting, auto-rolling and auto-welding.

Cooling system:

1. Cooling system has 3 steps: condenser pipe*1-horizontal condenser*2-vertical condenser*2.
2. Oil gas is divided into several portions inside condensers, therefor contact area is large which means cooling area is large.
3. And flow velocity of oil gas is reduced, therefor cooling time is long.

Oil tank:

1. After oil gas being cooled by condensing system, the liquid oil is collected into two oil tanks accordingly.
2. Oil tanks are connected with auto-pump. It can run automatically and pump oil into big tank.
3. Fuel gas produced during pyrolysis process will be collected and delivered to furnace.

Carbon black discharging system:

1. There are two methods to discharge carbon black – vacuum discharging device and screw conveyor. You can choose anyone you
2. The discharging progress is under closed situation so as to ensure safety and avoid gas pollution.
3. Take out steel wire with winch and hook device under auto-feeder.

Safety system:

Safety is the first important factor during machine processing, Huayin used tires pyrolysis machine safety device include anti-back fire device, vacuum device, pressure gauge & safety valve and safety valve.

1. Anti-back fire device and oil-water separator are meanwhile water seal devices to avoid backflow of oil gas or fire if happened.
2. Vacuum device keeps machine running under normal pressure.
3. Pressure gauge to monitor pressure while machine is running. If pressure went beyond standard.
4. Electric cabinet to control electric power.
5. Temperature monitoring device show the temperature and running process.

Environmental-friendly system:

Some countries have strict environmental reqirement for pyrolysis machine, so we equipted our machine with all-around environmental systems: dust removal device and draught fan.

1. Flue gas caused by burning fuel to heat reactor will be processed by environmental system before emission. So that it will not cause air pollution.
2. Flue gas is dedusted by 3 steps–dust removal device–chimney base–ondenser.
3. Dedusted water is circularly used.

Producing diesel oil from catalytic pyrolysis of used tires and plastic wastes

Producing diesel oil from catalytic pyrolysis of used tires and plastic wastes

After sales service:

According to huayin past customer’s feedback, many customer worry about after sales service. They are afraid  that once their machine met problem, how to guarantee the machine working? As per this problem, our engineer team make a very detailed manual : installation manual, operation manual, maintenance manual, where has pictures, English description and the video of each steps. The details can make sure you install this machine by yourself, if you still worry about installation, we can send experienced engineer to help you test machine, this will not take so much time. Save your time, save your cost. As if engineer stay there longer time, buyer need to pay more salary. Until now we are the unique factory can offer this kind service. Welcome you come to our factory located in Xinxiang, China. We have running tyre plastic pyrolysis machine for you visiting and professors help you choose suitable machine.

Producing diesel oil from catalytic pyrolysis of used tires and plastic wastes

Producing diesel oil from catalytic pyrolysis of used tires and plastic wastes


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