Pyrolysis plant manufacturer supply popular tyre recycling machine in Mexico

Plastic & Tire pyrolysis:

Waste tyre recycling machine, also called pyrolysis plant, is very popular in Mexico market now. In the past months in 2014, we have several powerful clients from Mexico that visited our factory, bought our pyrolysis machine and began to gain profits after 3~5 months running. Plastic and tyre pyrolysis takes place in pyrolysis reactor. It is a thermochemical decomposition of organic material at elevated temperatures in the absence of oxygen. Pyrolysis scrap tyre and plastic is a new waste recycling solution compared to the traditional ways like landing or burning. During the pyrolysis heating process, the polymer waste is not burned, it was broken down into useful finished products include pyrolysis oil, combustible gas and carbon black.

According to our Mexico customer feedback, we make a profit analysis for you reference in Mexico market.

Pyrolysis plant profits analysis (for Mexico market)
Item Quantity Unit price (USD) Total (USD)
Used tire 10 ton 42 420
Fuel Crude oil 0 0
Electric 300kw 0.2 60
Salary for worker 4 workers 61/day/person 244
Total cost 724
Item Quantity Unit price (USD) Total (USD)
Crude oil 4.5 ton 550 2475
Carbon black 3 ton 20 60
Steel wire 1.5 ton 192 288
Total return 2823
Gross profit 2099
Pyrolysis plant manufacturer supply popular tyre recycling machine in Mexico

Pyrolysis plant manufacturer supply popular tyre recycling machine in Mexico

Pyrolysis plant final products and percentage:

Raw Material Oil Yield Steel wire Carbon Black Water
Waste tire/Rubber Big tires 45%-50% 15%-20% 30% 5%-10%
Car tires 40% 10%-15% 45% 5%-10%
Cycling or Motorcycle tires 30%-35% 5%-10% 45% 5%-10%
Waste plastic Fishing net 45%-50% 30%
Safety net; Farming film 45%-50% 25%
Convenience bag; Woven bag 40% 30%
Offcut from recycled paper plant 20%-30% 20%

Working flow chart:

Automatic feed → catalytic cracking → oil-water separation → cooling liquid → carbon black emission → carbon black processing → crude oil → flammable gas recovery → flammable gas combustion → dust removal

Continuous waste oil/pyrolysis oil refining machine:

The oil converted from pyrolysis machine is crude oil, it has three ways application:

1. used in power plant factory, glass factory, cement factory, ceramic factory, aluminum factory, boiler factory, central heating factory etc.

2. used for electricity generating directly.

3. deep processed with distillation machine and deodorant machine into diesel and gasoline.

Here, I want to emphasize the third point, since the pyrolysis oil is crude oil, so the oil quality is not so high compared to diesel and gasoline, but some of our customer want to use the oil into car engines directly, then you need the crude pyrolysis oil distillation machine, after there purification and processing, you will get biodiesel with better quality and value. It you want to deep process the crude oil, welcome to contact us for detailed information.

Pyrolysis plant manufacturer supply popular tyre recycling machine in Mexico

Pyrolysis plant manufacturer supply popular tyre recycling machine in Mexico

Safe, environmental-friendly and energy-saving pyrolysis plant:

In pyrolysis plant field, if you have a bit knowledge about this machine, you will know the most concern comes from safety and pollution. Let’s see why clients choose huayin pyrolysis machine:

(1) Safety. Huayin brand pyrolysis machine have complete safety devices include the pressure gauge, alarming ring,safety valve. At the same time we have the anti-back fire device which can avoid the fire back into the reactor.
(2) Environment protecting. If you come to visit our company to see the running plant,you can not even see the vapor as we have the dust removal device and dust removal pool.
(3) Energy saving. our anti-back fire device can collect the exhaust gases which can be fuels after the oil is out so is very convenient and you can save the energy. At the same time, we have the catalyst chamber which can reduce the temperature of the catalytic prolysis of the tires and plastics. so you can save lot’s of energy. In addition to this, we have vaccum device which let the reactor be negative pressure.
(4) High degree of automatic. We have many automatic devices such as: auto-feeder, carbon black elevator, oil pumping automatic, reducing pressure automatic.

Pyrolysis plant manufacturer supply popular tyre recycling machine in Mexico

Pyrolysis plant manufacturer supply popular tyre recycling machine in Mexico


Choose Huayin, Choose success!


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