10 ton waste tyre to oil recycling pyrolysis machine well running in Mexico

Basic information about tyre pyrolysis plant:

In the past months in 2014, Huayin company ushered important Mexico clients that visit our factory, buy huayin brand tyre pyrolysis machine and gain benefits within 3~5 months machine running. But there are still many people don’t know well about tyre pyrolysis plant, today I will introduce you the basic information about this waste recycling plant. Waste tyre recycling machine, also called tyre pyrolysis plant, is very popular in Mexico now. The pyrolysis process takes place in pyrolysis reactor. During the heating process, the polymer waste was not burned, it was broken down into useful final products like pyrolysis oil, combustible gas, carbon black, steel wire (only for waste tyre).
Pyrolyis process is a thermochemical decomposition of organic material at elevated temperatures in the absence of oxygen. Pyrolysis scrap tyre and plastic is a new waste recycling solution compared to the traditional ways like landing or burning, so it becomes more and more popular in global markets.

Note: The following chart is tyre pyrolysis plant profit analysis running well in Mexico depend on Huayin customers feedback:

Pyrolysis plant profits analysis (for Mexico market)
Item Quantity Unit price (USD) Total (USD)
Used tire 10 ton 42 420
Fuel Crude oil 0 0
Electric 300kw 0.2 60
Salary for worker 4 workers 61/day/person 244
Total cost 724
Item Quantity Unit price (USD) Total (USD)
Crude oil 4.5 ton 550 2475
Carbon black 3 ton 20 60
Steel wire 1.5 ton 192 288
Total return 2823
Gross profit 2099

(The picture is huayin tyre pyrolysis machine installed successfully in Mexico)

Pyrolysis oil from waste tyre pyrolysis machine:

Through pyrolysis machine, you will get industrial crude oil/heavy oil. This kind of oil is widely used in industrial field.
First, it can be used in power plant factory, glass factory, cement factory, ceramic factory, aluminum factory, boiler factory, central heating factory etc. Second, it was used for electricity generating. Third, it can be deep processed with distillation machine and deodorant machine into diesel and gasoline. Here, you need oil refining distillation machine.
Distillation machine working principle:
Its working principle same with pyrolysis machine, through high temperature cracking, convert liquid oil into oil gas, then used advanced cooling system, cool down these oil gas, liquefied get oil and collected.
Working process:
1. Pump oil into reactor.
2. Use coal/wood/fuel oil/natural gas heating reactor.
3. After a while oil cracking into oil gas.
4. Oil gas go into catalyst chamber, here have catalyst inside, could cut the heavy molecule into small molecule.
5. Oil gas go into big horizontal condenser, here most oil gas can be cool down and liquefied become oil.
6. The liquefied oil will be collected into oil tank through oil-water separator.
7. The light oil gas which can not be cool down from here, will go into another three vertical condensers, cool down and liquefied into oil, collected into second oil tank.

Running tyre pyrolysis plant for customer visiting:

Huayin factory owns 2000 square meters demo running plant for all customers visiting. There we intalled different types of machine: tyre pyrolysis plant, plastics to oil machine, waste tires/plastic crude oil distillation machine and waste engine oil to diesel machine.
In this way, can provide working machine in our factory directly. Besides, if we have new technology, can testing it in our demo machine, in this way make sure the newest technology we promote to the market is a successfuelly one.
During the demo plant running, if have any disadvantages in our machine, we can find it and change it immediately, in this way let our machine improved day by day, then can make sure clients who purchase our machine met as less problem as possible.
Engineers they can also pratise their skills during machine working in our demo plant factory, in this way make sure the engineer we send to clients is professional and skillful.

Welcome you come to China to visit our running machine! Looking forward to have a fine cooperation with you!

(This is tyre diesel refining from huayin machine)

(This is Huayin machine exported to Mexico in Qingdao port)

Choose Huayin, Choose wealth!

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