How to build waste plastic pyrolysis plant

Preparation of raw material:

The raw material can be waste tire, tyre, plastic or scrap rubber. All if the above wastes can be processed by our machine. The following are details:
Separate the ingredient which can not be refined from waste plastic, such as: soil, wood, stone, brick etc. If the raw materials are paper mill’s waste, separate the pulp. If there is water in raw material, should dry it firstly. Methods as follows:
1. Dry in the sun: if you have enough area, you could dry the material in the sun. You should often stir it.
2. Squeeze water from material using a large power extruder.
3. Dry the material using a spin-drier.
If the raw material is waste tire and its diameter is over 1.4 meter, should cut the inner ring firstly.

How to build waste plastic pyrolysis plant

The area space need of pyrolysis plants

It is usually 33 feet width and 131 feet length for the 10 tons capacity machine.

The final output and usage


Waste plastic pyrolysis to oil process

a.Huayin waste plastic pyrolysis plant use auto-feeder to feed the waste tires into reactor automatically, seal the feeding inlet door tightly, which could save labor and time.
b. Heat the reactor by burning the following fuel material: coal, wood, natural gas, or fuel oil in the combustion system. The reactor will be heated slowly, when the temperature reaches around 250 degree Celsius, the oil gas will be formed.
c. After processed by huayin waste tire recycling pyrolysis plant, the oil gas will go to the cooling system to be liquefied. The gas which can not be liquefied under normal pressure will be designed to go back to combustion system through safety device instead of the fuel material to burn the reactor, which is environmental friendly and can save you much energy.
d. After finishing oil collecting, the temperature of reactor will be down, while, carbon black can be discharged automatically at the same time.
e. when the temperature falls down to 100 degree Celsius, workers can open the door of reactor to discharge the steel wire.
f. Start another batch working.

How to build waste plastic pyrolysis plant

Plant features

1、Blast protection system
Our waste plastic pyrolysis plant include oil-water separator, negative pressure device, anti-back fire device which can prevent the flammable gas which is from furnace go back to the furnace. There are two auto-safety valves in the reactor to ensure it runs in normal pressure.
2、Acid-base neutralization SO2 removal
Our dust and sulfur removal system according to acid-base neutralization to remove the dust and SO2 which is from heating system to protect the environment.
3、Recovering the exhaust flammable gas for fuel
The anti-back fire device can recycle the exhaust flammable gas to the furnace for fuel. It can save much fuel for you.
4、Recovering the exhaust flammable gas for fuel
The exhaust flammable gas ( methane, ethane, propane, hydrogen etc) recycling system, can recycled the gas back into the furnace to heat reactor. Fuel is also a cost for customers, this system can save customers ‘cost at same time we protect our environment
5、Recycled water cooling system
All of water for cooling system is recycled, so it ensure that the cooling system have stable low temperature. So the oil gas can be liquefied sufficiently.

Profits analysis

Benefit analysis of producing 1 ton crude oil
Waste plastics to product crude oil as an example
The price of waste plastics: 200RMB/T     The average oil rate:28%
1ton of crude oil feedstock costs: (1÷28%) ×200=715RMB
Coal costs: 0.4T 800RMB/T=320RMB
Cost of electricity: 100RMB
Labor costs: 4 ×50= 200RMB
Crude oil market price: 4000RMB/T
The production of one ton of crude oil profits: 4000-715 -320 -100-200=2665RMB

Huayin customers:

How to build waste plastic pyrolysis plant

CNC machinery:

How to build waste plastic pyrolysis plant


How to build waste plastic pyrolysis plant

How to build waste plastic pyrolysis plant

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