2014 newest technology latest six generation old tyre pyrolysis machine

Latest six generation old tyre pyrolysis machine:

The six generation used tyre pyrolysis machine is the newest old tyre recycling machine in the market. In 2014, we Huayin company released the 6th generation old tyre recycle to oil pyrolysis machine, it is the newest and latest tyre pyrolysis machine that refine scrap tyre and plastic into fuel oil. Compared with the previous machine, this new design six generation pyrolysis plant has much longer service life, less floor space, better cooling effect and shorter installtion period.
The 6th generation used tyre plastic pyrolysis machine is our most hot popular design, it can process both waste tyres and waste plastics into oil. This latest pyrolysis technology can finish installation within 7-10 days thus can save you lots of time, you can put into production with our engineers help in short times. Another feasibility is that clients no longer need to build machine foundation by yourself. Third, you don’t need to build carbon black collecting pit and fire pit. The reactor service life is 3-5 times than before.

Six generation tyre recycling pyrolysis machine components:

1. Feeding system: a. auto-feeder
2. Heating system: b. furnace     c. gas recycling burner
3. Pyrolysis system: d. reactor     e. catalyst chamber
4. Cooling system: f. condenser pipe     g. horiontal condenser    h. vertical condenser
5. Collecting ystem: i. oil tank      j. auto pumping      k. gas collector
6. Environemntal system: l. dust removal device      m. condenser      n. flue and chimney      o. draught fan
7. Slagging system: p. steel wire extractor      q. carbon black extractor
8. Safety system: r. oil-water separator      s. anti-back fire device      t. vacuum device      u. alarming bell      v. pressure gage      w. safety valve      x. electric cabinet  y. temperature monitoring

Why choose 6th generation tyre pyrolysis machine?

Latest tyre pyrolysis machine from Huayin advantages:

Many clients come to China and investigate several facories, but they finally choose huayin newest six generation waste tyre pyrolysis machine, let’s see huayin advantages:

A) Safety
We treat safety as the first important thing in production.
1) Two devices to avoid backfire in production: oil-water separator and anti-back fire device.
2) Vacuum device makes reactor working under ordinary pressure or negative pressure.
3) Temperature monitoring device to avoid excessive working temperature.
4) Pressure gage to monitor the pressure. If it goes above a certain level, the bell will alarm and the safety valve will release the pressure automatically.
5) Carbon black is discharged in a closed situation to avoid catching fire.
B) Environmental protection
1) The flue gas (caused by burning fuel to heat the reactor) will be purified and cooled by dust removal device, then can be released into air through chimney.
2) The procedure to remove carbon black is working under closed situation to avoid pollution.
C) High oil yield
1. We have 3 steps for cooling system: one condenser pipe, two large horizontal condensers and two vertical condensers. The oil gas pass through 3 steps cooling system in sequence. The total cooling area is 65 square meter.
2. When the oil gas pass through the condensers, it’s divided into several portions by small pipes inside condenser and be cooled separately.
3. In this way we maximize the cooling effect and improve the oil yield.
D) High oil quality
The oil gas is purified by molecular sieve inside catalyst chamber so that the quality of oil is higher.
E) Energy saving
1) The flame path is designed as spiral so that the quantity of heat can be fully used.
2) The residual gas from pyrolysis is recycled to furnace burning to heating the reactor.
3) The insulation cover is formed by 3 levels: steel plate, rock wool and refractory cement. Excellent thermal insulation effect helps saving fuel.
F) High degree of automation
1) In manufacturing we use auto cutting machine, auto welding machine, auto rolling machine so that both quality and appearance of our products can be guaranteed.
2) In production, we use auto-feeder to feed raw materials into auto-feeder. By auto-feeder it needs few workers and less time to feed. And because of 50 ton hydraulic pressure from auto-feeder, it can feed more tires than labor.
G) Long service life
1) The material of reactor is Q345R boiler plate with 16/18mm thickness which is produced by Chinese well-known enterprise. The head of reactor and accessories are using one-piece molding shell cover rather than welded plate.
2) All cutting, rolling and welding works are finished by automatic machines.
3) We know quite well about the material quality and manufacturing process, that’s why we are confident in the service life of our products.
4) We also supply installation service, training service and one year warranty.


– See more at: http://www.huayinenergy.com/Product/Pyrolysis-Plant/2014_newest_technology_latest_six_generation_old_tyre_pyrolysis_machine_462.html#sthash.acWOfElR.dpuf

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