China newest tyre to oil pyrolysis technology – how to recycle old tyres

Newest old tyres to oil pyrolysis technology:

In today’s global market, there are 2nd, 4th and 5th generation waste tyre pyrolysis machine for sale. Here I will introduce you theChina newest tyre to oil pyrolysis technology, that is huayin six generation tyre pyrolysis machine for old tyre recycling. In 2014, Huayin group released the 6th generation waste tyre recycling to oil pyrolysis plant, it is the newest and latest tyre pyrolysis machine that converts old tyre and plastic into pyrolysis oil. Compared to the previous plants, the newest design six generation pyrolysis machine has much longer service life, less floor space, better cooling effect and shorter installtion time.
The six generation waste tyre/plastic recycling pyrolysis machine is our most hot popular design, it can process both waste tires and waste plastics into oil. This latest pyrolysis technology can finish installation within 7-10 days thus can save you lots of time, you can put into production with our engineers help in short times. Another feasibility is that clients no longer need to build machine foundation by yourself. Third, you don’t need to build carbon black collecting pit and fire pit. The reactor service life is 3-5 times than the previous one.

Six generation scrap tyres pyrolysis machine combinations:

The whole set old tyre pyrolysis machine is made of 1527 large and small components, the following are the eight large systems:
1. Feeding system: a. auto-feeder
2. Heating system: b. furnace     c. gas recycling burner
3. Pyrolysis system: d. reactor     e. catalyst chamber
4. Cooling system: f. condenser pipe     g. horiontal condenser     h. vertical condenser
5. Collecting ystem: i. oil tank      j. auto pumping      k. gas collector
6. Environemntal system: l. dust removal device     m. condenser      n. flue and chimney      o. draught fan
7. Slagging system: p. steel wire extractor      q. carbon black extractor
8. Safety system: r. oil-water separator      s. anti-back fire device      t. vacuum device     u. alarming bell      v. pressure gage      w. safety valve      x. electric cabinet      y. temperature monitoring

Why Huayin 6th pyrolysis machine is most advanced?

Three continuous old tyres to diesel and gasoline refining machine:

The oil from pyrolysis machine is industrial crude oil, it has three ways usage:
1. used in power plant factory, glass factory, cement factory, ceramic factory, aluminum factory, boiler factory, central heating factory etc.
2. used for electricity generating
3. deep processed with distillation machine and deodorant machine into diesel and gasoline.
Some customers want to get diesel and gasoline from waste tyre and plastic recycling machine directly as they want to use the oil in car engines directly. Huayin refinery machine include three continuous processing. That is pyrolysis machine, distillation machine and purification system, it can refine the used motor oil, pyrolysis oil and crude oil into diesel and gasoline with better quality and value. That’s the biggest advantage of huayin newest tyre to oil pyrolysis machine. Let’s see the three links:
First link: pyrolysis. This link can process raw material to crude oil
Second link: distillation. Pump the crude to this link to get diesel.
Third link: decolor and deodorant. Process the diesel which is from 2nd link to get clean diesel with good color and smell.
Floor sapce: 1st link needs 400 square meters, 2nd link needs around 400 meters, 3rd link needs around 200 square meters. Whole set needs 1000 squares meters.

FAQ about newest tyre to oil pyrolysis machine:

1. What does your machine can get after pyroysis waste tire?
From waste tire to tire 45%-50% oil, 30% carbon black, and 15% tire steel and rest pyrolysis gas.
2. How to process carbon black?
Make carbon black to briquette which has 4000-5000 kilocalroie.
3. If the tire crude oil quality can not meet our local demands, what can we do?
Tire oil can be further refine and get tire diesel which are the yellow color oil very clean energy.
4. What is your plant area space need?
Usually 33 feet wideth and 131 feet length for the 10 tons capacity machine.
5. How many labours need for this plant?
Our machine are highly automatic, usually 4 workers.
6. How to process the waste gas/pyrolysis gas from inside reactor?
We have the professional system to reuse the pyrolysis gas back to the heating system to burn thus save your fuel cost.
7. Does your machine pollute the environment?
Our machine has different and higher technology dust removing syste to guarnateen  the emission from the chimney has no any pollution. If you want know more about this, please email me, our plant has get ISO14001 international environmental certificates.
8. What is your plant power consumption?
Always working power is about 20KW.
9. Does your machine can also pyrolysis waste plastic?
Yes, it can pyrolysis waste plastic and waste tire, waste rubber. But different opearating metheds.
10. Which country have you ever exported before?
India, Pakastain, Thailand, Malaysia, Italy, Roumania, Hungary, Lebanon, Russia, Thurkey, Ecuador and South Aferica.
11. Can we see your real working running machine?
Yes, you can come to our big running plant factory to see its working. Please contact us then we will pick up you at the airport.
12. How can we install the machine?
We will send you our experencied high grade engineer to come to your place to install the machine.


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