Huayin manufacturer, waste tyre recycling & pyrolysis plant with green technology

Waste tyre recycling plant is also called waste tire pyrolysis machine, it is the thermal degradation of waste tires in the absence of air to produce pyrolysis oil, carbon black and synthetic gas or syn-gas. Huayin company is a professional and modern manufacturer which specialized in waste tyres/plastics/oil recycling machine since 1993. We have three continuous links of pryolysis machine, tens of independent & professional departments to serve global customers. Our company has obtained certificates of ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001 and CE and many other patents. We have six running machine in our factory for customer visiting and learning.

Huayin company have installed highly sophisticated and advanced waste tyre recycling plant which uses Pyrolysis technology in many countries. This plant uses 100% waste tyre for recycling. The complete process is eco-friendly, as it does not use chemical ingredients. Further, the process is free from any form of pollution. The plant helps in producing economical products and also solves tyre wastage problem. Furthermore, it saves from various diseases, which are likely to be spread from tyre waste. This is the most cost-effective waste tyre recycling technology in the world and can be applied to all rubber based material. The products extracted from this system are by-products of tyre production and can be widely used as alternative source of energy for petroleum products and natural gas.

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We have waste plastic refinery equipment, waste tyre recycling machine, waste plastic and tires all-in-one refining equipment, crude oil and waste oil refining equipment. There are many equipment models in Huayin factory. As to the raw material like waste tyres, the diameter varies from 1.5m to 2.5m. For length, from 3m to 8m. For volume, from 5.6m?to 40m?. As for feeding amount, we calculated the amount according to the volume of the equipment. It contains 500kg to 6ookg per cube. There are three ways to place waste tires, the whole tires for 250kg to 300kg per cube, compressed tires for 350kg to 400kg per cube and break tires 500kg to 6ookg per cube. You can choose model according to the above data and their request to output. For example, your material is 5 tons paper-mill plastic or 5 tons broken-off tires, you should select the stove with capacity of 2m*4m or 2m*5m.

2 Huayin manufacturer, waste tyre recycling & pyrolysis plant with green technology

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1. How to process the by-product carbon black from waste tyre recycling plant working process?

Make carbon black to briquette which has 4000-5000 kilocalories or processed into pellet.

2. If the tire crude oil quality can’t meet our local demands, what can we do?
Tire oil can be further refined and get tire diesel or gasoline which are the yellow color very clean energy.

3. How to process the waste gas/pyrolysis gas from inside reactor?
We have the professional system to reuse the pyrolysis gas back to the heating system to burn save your fuel cost.

4. Does your machine can also pyrolysis waste plastics?
Yes, it can pyrolysis waste plastics and waste tires, waste rubbers. But remember never mix plastic and tyre together, process them separately.

5. Can I see your real working running machine?
Yes, you can come to our big running plant factory to see its working. Please contact with me then we can arrange it in advance.

6. How many labors need for this plant?
Our machine are highly automatic, usually 4 workers.

7. Is there any pollution for your machine?

No air, no water and no soil pollution, even there is no vapour coming out from the chimney.

8. Does your machine pollute the environment?
Our machine has different and higher technology dust removing system to guarantee the emission from the chimney has no any pollution. If you wanna know more about this, please email us freely.

9. How long the whole process needed?
Around 20 hours (including loading raw material, heating reactor, oil come out, carbon black discharging, steel getting).

10. What kind of Certifications your company have?
CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, BV, SGS.

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