Batch type and continuous waste tyre recycling to oil pyorlysis machine

Batch and continuous waste tyre pyrolysis machine:

We all know that there are mainly two types of waste tyre pyrolysis machine on sale in the market: batch type and continuous tyre to oil pyrolysis machine. Clients always feel confused what is the right choice for them as they don’t know too much about tyre pyrolysis oil plant. Here I will give you a detailed comparison between batch type and continuous type pyrolysis machine, let’s see it:


Waste tyre pyrolysis machine conclusion:

Actually when you chose the continuous waste tyre pyrolysis machine which required tire powder, it is doomed that you can not make money as you have to pay for the extra 200Kw electric cost, more than 10 labors cost (especially in European), and the tire to tire powder the series tire machines, that is another big cost.
Then consider the daily working production for average.
OK, from all above information, I hope you can compare these two kins of machine and consider them carefully if you want gain profits from this project. If you have any question, welcome to contact us!

(Batch waste tyre pyrolysis machine in Qingdao Port)

Looking forward for your inquiry anytime!

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