Waste tyre pyrolysis plant configuration

Waste tyre pyrolysis plant convert tyre to oil machine:

Converting scrap tyre, waste plastic to fuel oil with pyrolysis plant is a new technology. With this technology, we convert the waste tyres and plastics, which is seen as waste to fuel oil. With 21 years research and development, we have manufactured the latest 6th generation waste tyre pyrolysis plant convert tyre and plastic to oil. According to the feedbacks of our worldwide customers, we consistently improve the quality of our machine. The whole set of waste tyre pyrolysis plant consist many parts, let’s see the main configuration:1. Auto-feeder: Use the auto-feeder feed the raw material to the reactor
2. Reactor: Heat the reactor, let the inner raw material pyrolysis

3. Catalyst chamber: The raw material pyrolysis and become oil gas, then come to catalyst chamber

4. Condenser pipe: The catalyzed oil gas is delivered from condenser pipe, and is cooled at the same time.

5. Oil-water separator: The oil gas enter into oil-water separator, a part of oil gas become liquid and flow to the first oil tanker. The rest oil gas go to the condenser

6. Oil tank: The oil tanker collect the oil form oil-water separator

7. Condenser: Receive the oil gas form oil-water separator and cool it to oil, the the oil flow to the second oil tanker.

Waste tyre pyrolysis plant working process:

1. Reactor welding

2. CNC machinery:

3. Waste tyre pyrolysis plant oil testing lab:

Look forward to have a good cooperation with yo about waste tyre to oil pyrolysis plant!

– See more at: http://www.huayinenergy.com/Product/Pyrolysis-Plant/Waste_tyre_pyrolysis_plant_configuration_467.html#sthash.q3GEr8H8.dpuf


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