Visitors from Greece in Huayin Hot Season for waste plastic to oil machine

At the beginning of every year is the hot season of visiting and purchasing. Yesterday, there appeared two clients from Greece, and pyrolysis plants for waste plastic to oil and distillation machine are their main interests. As creative businessmen and engineers, they also bring unique idea and rudiment of their technology to Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co. Ltd.
Great passion on technology and new thoughts unite research personnel and technicians in Huayin, thus every each new idea from abroad or home will be valued and assessed by Huayin Think-tank.
Although visitors do not clearly know Huayin brand effect, they can indeed experience it when coming to our demonstration plant and workshops. Just as these days, plenty of clients with different nationalities and skins come across with each other in front of the same pyrolysis plants and distillation machine without any fixed arrangement. Besides, we nearly run out of cars or companions during this tight period.

However, shall we not be joyful with friends coming from afar Huayin people treat clients from abroad as precious guests and dear friends from afar. The same goal that turning daily waste to renewable and valuable green energy by pyrolysis plant for waste plastic to oil and distillation technology is commonly shared among us and encourages us to move ahead with strength.

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