Happy Saturday in Huayin pyrolysis plant manufacturers

One of the big moments for people in Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Co. Ltd Waste Tyre Pyrolysis plant manufacturers and Plastic Technology is every Saturday or every other Saturday, because on Saturday we will play games or learn worship songs to enjoy some relaxation and worship time together to refresh ourselves spiritually and physically. It is always a pursue of Huayin that company is not built upon dead rules or worldly outlook but pure love.

Happy Saturday in Huayin pyrolysis plant manufacturers

Although we are all adults, playing games can practice our reaction speed and helps us to unite as real one. For example, there is a famous game in nowadays China named “you act, I guess”, the participates will be divided into two parts, one party in a team will act out physically without any words in very short time according to the words or proverbs given by the host, and the other party of the team try to guess the words and the proverb. And the answer has to be 100% correct, then the team will win. And the losing team gets some punishment.

Happy Saturday in Huayin pyrolysis plant manufacturers

People in performance team would be more active, lively, and well cooperating, so that they can act out the meaning of the hidden words. And for the guessing party, they shall be very understanding, sensitive to actions and can relate to Chinese proverbs very soon with the large storage of Chinese inside. Teams will play versus each other and normally only one team will live to the end. After the whole game, our brain will be well refreshed and get to know more about each other apart from work.

Without doubt, job is a big part of life, yet not the whole or the final goal of everyone’s life. And the key point for the staff is to realize one’s value and cultural identity and enjoy the real joy through working. Otherwise, working in depression is meaningless, though, most money is earned.

Happy Saturday in Huayin pyrolysis plant manufacturers


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