European Standard Dust-Removal Device for pyrolysis plant

European Standard Dust-Removal Device for waste tyre pyrolysis plant and waste plastic pyrolysis is also called the combination dedusting system which is mainly made of four parts.
The four parts are designed to connect each other in a parallel way to remove the acid gas in the smoke, such as SO2, and HCL,inside the pipe runs the circulating and spraying water and also the special material to remove the acid gas too. In addition, more water needs to be added yet no worries about the water become acid and then where to pour or flow. As for the emission, when it arrives a certain step the gas and black smoke is almost cleaned up, then goes through the No.4 part for the last step cleaning. It serves as a lift dust catacher, then goes out through chimney.

Part No.1 and No.2 are the one set bag-type dust collector, because the bag-type dust collector requires the emission temperature low, Part No.1 is used here to cool down the temperature due to the furnace.

And the main working principle is to remove the sulfur in the smoke and to reach the European standard emission requirements. More technical skills and details will only be released to the visitors who are determined to realize this technology.

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