The Disadvantages of Huayin Pyrolysis Machine

Tire and plastic pyrolysis machine for fuel oil project has been explored for years, and throughout those years Huayin went through difficulties and snares to pursue completeness both in production and human’s spirit. However, Huayin also met some peers or competitors during last 5 years. Maybe the machine we produced look similar or without any difference, yet it is only superficial. Here are some technical or service differences in pyrolysis extraction field for readers and potential purchasers to refer to.

The Disadvantages of Huayin Pyrolysis Machine

The Disadvantages of Huayin Pyrolysis Machine

Most clients know that there are several companies or so called manufacturers in some cities of Henan province. And the advantages of other companies and disadvantages of Huayin are as follow.
Advantages of other pyrolysis companies in Henan:
Low price: it is the most attractive condition to draw visitors close, and make orders. It is understanding, for the cost is a big concern, yet so huge a machine with low price is really life-risking. And some innocent clients really dare to purchase with low price.
Very passionate service: it is a hospitable way to welcome foreign customers. Yet accessory service is not the focus of the whole project, just small part of it. Even the hottest service cannot replace an advanced machine.
Disadvantages of Huayin plant: Higher price, some clients hesitate to visit or purchase when hearing the price. However, when they get to know more of the technology, they would come to the demonstration and be surprised by Huayin workshops and production details.
Lacking in sweet words, Huayin people are told to be honest, sincere and hospitable, but no sweet words or exaggeration according to our core concept. So sometimes visitors will feel we are not as passionate as others.
Nonetheless, I always believe human are born with reason and ability of distinguishing quality goods and defective ones. Dear readers only need to make full use of ration and wisdom and think twice before leap.


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