Reject explosion: 100% safe waste plastic to fuel machine from Huayin, China

Explosion is very horrible as well as sensitive especially in oil refining industry, and waste tire/plastic oil extracting is no exception.
However, different companies hold various attitudes towards explosion, some choose to face it, and do the best to overcome, yet some would avoid talking about it, cover it up, try to escape, or throw mud at others. Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co. Ltd as a pioneer in waste management field especially waste plastic to fuel machine chooses the latter.

When stepping into this industry, Huayin leadership started to deal with explosion risk. We noticed it and spared every effort to conquer it throughout years and years. And effects could be uncovered in our waste tire/plastic plastic to fuel and waste oil distillation plant.
Huayin equipment contains rigorous safety facilities. Every big part or layer has built-in or connected uniquely designed safety system and device. Our goal is to kill the possibility before the disaster happens.
That is how Huayin group makes a difference and stand still even when a lot competitors do their best to set up or attack us.
Huayin people are doing their own duty to pursue the goal of being the Children of Light and doing things that can match this name. 

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Plastic to fuel machine, plastic pyrolysis plant

① Huayin Story
In last century around 1993, a young man with passion and aspiration named Guo, started to run a small oil refining factory which nearly went broken at that time. However, when Guo started to run that potential group, everything was changed little by little and something different was growing there.
Then the rudiment of Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment (waste plastic/tires to fuel oil and waste oil to diesel refining oriented) began to take shape. At the very beginning, Huayin was only specialized in extracting fuel oil from waste plastic. And as time went on, Huayin kept on moving forward with hundreds of bold experiments and professional improvement. Year after year, Huayin patented pyrolysis technology has been updated again and again from 1st generation to 6th generation with 11 patents until today.

Recently Huayin Group came up with oil-base drilling fluid management equipment, which is a rare technology all over the world to deal with waste drilling fluid nowadays.
② Huayin Think-Tank
Huayin big family as well as a team now with over 100 people grew, however, from very few people in original period, who were friends with each other.
Now Huayin owns Research and Development Department, Production Department, and Foreign Trade Department. They are separated geographically yet connected with one another intently, united as one, and developing a better and better cooperation relationship.
Huayin Research and Development Department is mainly in charge of technology improvements every several months. And we never stop creating and updating. That is how we survive and be distinguished from others in the same field. If the readers pay attention on our website, you can see new technology coming up time by time.
③ Huayin Future
Huayin group is doing her best to embrace today and the future with full passion, sincerity, and timely new technology.
We invite you to build or witness our future together.

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American Friends Finally Ordered Huayin Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Equipment

In our last several episodes, some American friends were mentioned.
They started to know Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co. Ltd about two years ago, and loved our technology. It has been a long time for them to decide on this tire/plastic pyrolysis machine project, because a wise choice was never easy to make. They spent a lot of time and effort investigating and preparing.

This time, indeed they came to China to do something about the whole process. And they are still here in the city and visit our factory and workshops very often. Besides, we seldom meet this kind of clients who linger for a long time since they are businessmen.
After a long time investigation and thorough thinking, they eventually decided to order, and they even plan to stay longer to witness the entire production and consignment.
Most importantly,they did stay here and simply waste time, they made some adjustment on our machine, in order words, some refit, to fit the environment in North America. It is a bold attempt to waste pyrolysis refining field as well as an improvement.
This very cooperation is not only about waste tire/plastic pyrolysis technology but also a good example of Sino-U.S. relationship exchange between common people.

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Hazardous Chemicals Directory, shale gas drilling refining equipment

On May 1st, Chinese new version of Hazardous Chemicals Directory 2015 will be settled down according to classification and labeling of chemicals to national standards. It is a nationwide event to protect Chinese vulnerable environment more from many aspects.
The definition of Hazardous Chemicals accordingly: things that have toxic, corrosive, explosive, burning, combustion and other properties which harms human body, facilities, and environment with hazardous chemicals and other toxic chemicals.

Unfortunately, objects from waste drilling fluid while exploiting the shale gas include some articles which are in line with the Hazardous Chemicals Directory. Besides all the traditional ways are not good for dealing with the waste, landfill, burning or sealing underground are all very harmful and poisonous to the environment.
However, shale gas drilling is developing fast both in China and abroad, and waste dealing is always a headache, because it is known that where the waste fluid goes, there is no living things any more.
But always remember nothing is impossible to a willing heart. It happens in Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co. Ltd that our R & D department took time, energy and labor to research, experiment and come up with new technology to treat this kind of poisonous waste in a least harmful way which is up to national environment protection standards.
If you are still tortured by shale gas drilling waste pollution, come to Huayin group and we would like to help you out with green technology.

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Congratulations to Huayin waste tyre pyrolysis to oil machine installed successfully in Greece

After about one month, our dear engineer finished his wonderful journey in Greece with helping a client there to install the beautiful yellow waste tyre pyrolysis to oil plant and the commissioning part.

Our engineer, the client and the workers on site enjoyed their time together, though it is imaginable that the process must have been difficult and full of challenges. However, from their joyful facial expressions, I can tell they have gone through all the difficulties by team work, and succeeded in the end.

In fact, I am so speechless when I saw all these pictures above from the working site.
And I am so amazed by their joint effort and the beautiful work they have done, and they will continue their refining assembly with an impressive start.

I guess the coming period will be less difficult than before.
All in all, I so surprised by their wonderful work. Now I invite you to enjoy their masterpiece, because too many words here are simply nothing compared with the gorgeous project above.

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Thailand INTERMACH 2015: waste tyre/plastic to diesel fuel machine

Countdown Days: 34 days left

Take a countdown on Bangkok, Thailand Trip. 
INTERMACH is the only exhibition in Thailand that focuses exclusively on industrial machinery. And with unprecedented growth and development now underway in the country, the timing couldn’t be better.
Perfectly positioned at the start of the business buying cycle, the show has become a magnet for serious buyers and decision-makers who arrive here from around the world to do real business.

About 30 days later, Huayin Group will go through forests and fly over mountains to the beautiful city Bangkok, Thailand, for the very exhibition INTERMACH 2015.
During May 13-16th you will see a stunning technology which was born according to time request named waste pyrolysis and distillation. Through this creation, those who want to deal with daily solid waste such as waste tyres and plastic have a great solution right now. Huayin technology is not only able to manage city waste, but also create more value by refining and cleaning.
What mentioned above is simply a glimpse of our technology, when you visit our booth, you would be surprised by more.
Dear readers, it is now or never! Grab every precious opportunity in your life to make a difference for good.

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Waste Plastic to Oil Energy Create Wealth

For months the crude oil price has been swinging heavily out of people’s expectation, and in January, hit the lowest in history. The reasons are complicated, both political and economic or other hidden ones. And one of them is the newly mining of shale oil.

What is more, pyrolysis refining field is also affected, some people nearly lost faith on it. However, crude oil is always in need because it is one of the most important fuel resources on earth, and the price wave will not last very long. According to the technology from Xinxiang Huayin Eenewable Energy Equipment Co. Ltd, fuel oil from waste plastic is a good choice to release the energy pressure.

To bring this eco-friendly technology to more people, we have been to Indonesia, and soon will go to Thailand. In this way Brunei, Burma and other countries around are welcome to our booth.
Plastics include PP, PE, PET, PVC, ABS, PC and so on, yet not all of them are available to be refined to get oil, just several kinds are good choices with high oil rate for example PP. Besides, plastic oil is a kind of bio-oil with very good quality. With its wide usages, plastic oil can make profit for pyrolsis project investors and devote themselves to environmental protection at the same time.
If the plastics from clients are a mixture of different types, some sorting work needs to be done to achieve a better quantity.

Most importantly, plastic fuel oil is salable in many industries such as glass factory, power plant, cement factory, iron and steel plant, central shower and so forth. So if you are interested in our technology, do not worry about the market of your final products. In addition, oil fuel will be always a need not only in domestic places, but also international markets.

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