Congratulations to Huayin waste tyre pyrolysis to oil machine installed successfully in Greece

After about one month, our dear engineer finished his wonderful journey in Greece with helping a client there to install the beautiful yellow waste tyre pyrolysis to oil plant and the commissioning part.

Our engineer, the client and the workers on site enjoyed their time together, though it is imaginable that the process must have been difficult and full of challenges. However, from their joyful facial expressions, I can tell they have gone through all the difficulties by team work, and succeeded in the end.

In fact, I am so speechless when I saw all these pictures above from the working site.
And I am so amazed by their joint effort and the beautiful work they have done, and they will continue their refining assembly with an impressive start.

I guess the coming period will be less difficult than before.
All in all, I so surprised by their wonderful work. Now I invite you to enjoy their masterpiece, because too many words here are simply nothing compared with the gorgeous project above.

See more news about plastic to fuel at: here


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