FAQ about Plastic to fuel machine

Many people are interested in waste to energy project, while, as it is hard for them to get professional knowledge about pyrolysis machine, they always feel confused when they plan to invest in this project. The following are some basic information for customer reference:

1. What kind of Fuels can be used for heating the reactor?
Fuel can be Coal, charcoal, wood, fuel gas and fuel oil.
2. How long time does the machine running to process one batch of waste tyres?
Let’s take 10 ton pyrolysis machine as an example:
2 hours for loading 10 tons waste tires
4 hours for preheating the reactor
12 hours for the tire become gas and cooling become oil
1 hour for cooling the reactor
1 hour for discharging the carbon black
1 hours for removing the tires steel

3. How to guarantee the pollution problem, does is environmental friendly?
The pollution of waste tyre pyrolysis plant mainly comes from the four aspects: waste water, waste gas, waste slag and noise pollution.
A. Waste water: The waste water consists of two parts: condensing water and dust removing water. The condensing water are recycling water, the final released waster will not cause any environmental pollution, but the water temperature is a bit high. The dust removing water are circulating water, they will be evaporated without any emissions.
B. Waste gas: Waste gas also include two parts. First, the waste oil gas, it can not be liquefied under normal pressure, Huayin waste tyre pyrolysis pant have advanced exhaust gas recovery system to recycled the gas back to heating system to heat the reactor; Second, waste smoke, it is generated from burning coal or wood, while, with our high-tech dust removing system, the exhaust can meet European emission standards.
C. Waste slag: it is also called crude carbon black as byproduct, it was generated during the pyrolysis process, the market value is about 400-500 Yuan per ton, if you want make further process of it, it can be value about 4000-5000 Yuan per ton, the carbon black slag is usually used in rubber and plastic factory. Now huayin has invented the machine to process carbon black into color master, welcome your purchase.
D. Last, noise: Huayin waste tire pyrolysis plant adopts low noise fan equipment, the noise is less than 60 decibels, noise of power part and auto-feeder are not more than 50 db. If there are any greening trees around your factory, the noise is below 50 in the day and 45 decibels at night.

4. My raw material are waste tyres and plastic, Can I process them only in one machine?
Our prolysis plant is suitable for both waste tyre and plastics, you can recycle both of them with one machine, but need to remember that never mix tyre and plastic together, just separate them in different batch.
5. How to buy your pyrolysis machine?
If you are interested in this green project, please follow the following the procedure:
1. Inquiry Us  2. Further Communication  3. Reception and Visiting   4. Sign Contract and Customized Machine  5. Pay 30% T/T, LC or etc.   6. Production   7. Delivery  8. Huayin Technician Installation   9. Machine Debugging and Workers Training
Welcome to visit us anytime!

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Thailand INTERMACH 2015: waste tyre/plastic to diesel fuel machine

Countdown Days: 34 days left

Take a countdown on Bangkok, Thailand Trip. 
INTERMACH is the only exhibition in Thailand that focuses exclusively on industrial machinery. And with unprecedented growth and development now underway in the country, the timing couldn’t be better.
Perfectly positioned at the start of the business buying cycle, the show has become a magnet for serious buyers and decision-makers who arrive here from around the world to do real business.

About 30 days later, Huayin Group will go through forests and fly over mountains to the beautiful city Bangkok, Thailand, for the very exhibition INTERMACH 2015.
During May 13-16th you will see a stunning technology which was born according to time request named waste pyrolysis and distillation. Through this creation, those who want to deal with daily solid waste such as waste tyres and plastic have a great solution right now. Huayin technology is not only able to manage city waste, but also create more value by refining and cleaning.
What mentioned above is simply a glimpse of our technology, when you visit our booth, you would be surprised by more.
Dear readers, it is now or never! Grab every precious opportunity in your life to make a difference for good.

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3-Ton Waste Oil Pyrolysis Machine Technology

Each set of the waste plastic to oil machine is composed by 13 parts, include reactor, catalyst chamber, oil-water separator, two big horizontal condensers, two oil tank, anti-back fire device, negative pressure device, vacuum device, buffer tank, water jet flue, condenser pipe, de-dusting system, draft fan and chimney.

3-Ton Oil Distillation Machine is the fine plant with huge tower built on the top, the classic of Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co. Ltd, and it is among the most popular sellers during year 2014.
 According to the name, its core technology is distilling used oil to diesel fuel. The general capacity is 3-4 tons of waste oil, for example, waste gear oil/engine oil/motor oil/tire crude oil/plastic crude oil and can work around 23hours continuously within one day by 3-4 workers observing in working area. The largest part of output-about 90% is diesel oil, which is available for engine with national standard oil.
As precise as Tire/Plastic Pyrolysis Machine, oil distillation machine consists of over one thousand assembly units with different sizes, some are tiny, others are large. Most of the large units are Huayin patented products. In addition, it is qualified with test report and certificates like SGS, ISO, CE, and BV, telling her security and quality insurance. Safety and quality issues are always the key considerations of Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co., because every worker’ life is considered much more precious than business profit here.
However why is 3-Ton Oil Distillation Plant so unique and popular in distillation field? A plenty of obvious edges are below. In the first place, it is secure, in order to prevent flammable syngas from running back to the reactor causing fire or sudden explosion, more than three large safety devices are designed and bond with the reactor and different cooling stages; is spite of that safety valves are working with the alarms to maintain the reactor operate under usual pressure or negative in case the workers left the working site. Second, it is energy-saving, both used circular water from cooling system and syngas can be collected automatically to reduce much fuel and clean water cost, thus decreasing a large amount of investment for clients.

What’s more, it is ecology-friendly, because chemical water is professionally allocated in dust-removal device to purify the dirty smoke until it turns into cleansed steam, and used water from cooling system and flammable syngas from refining both can be recycled to the reactor and go back to the cooling device working as fuel to heat the reactor for next batches and run as circulating cooling water once again, avoiding air and water pollution.
Most importantly, the technology provided is the most advanced in refining field, with much higher oil yield than pyrolysis plant. Therefore, more details shall just be disclosed when clients visit our factory and workshops and are determined to purchase. And the available markets for the above output are as follow. First, the diesel fuel is salable to many manufacturers such as cement factory, power plant, huge restaurant, ceramic factory, boiler factory and so on. Besides, it is useful for auto-mobile engine with national standard oil. Oil distillation machine from Huayin would never disappoint any client who already bought or is planning to visit.

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Turn waste tire to oil

In China, the manufacturers of turning waste tire to oil machine mainly come from two cities in Henan province: Xinxiang city and Shangqiu city. Foreign clients always feel confused when faced with so many supplier, it’s hard for our clients to find the most suitable turn waste tire to oil machine. In fact, it’s very easy, in Shangqiu, the machine are 2nd generation machine, this old design was discarded by us several years ago. In our factory in Xinxiang, the most popular machine are 5th genetation and 6th generation equipment. Let’s see the difference between Shangqiu 2nd generation machine and Xinxiang 5th generation machine.

Reactor is the most important part of the whole waste tire to oil system, now we learn it from several aspects:
1. Stability: for the 2nd generation waste tire to oil machine, The roller is built on one end of the reactor thus once the reactor gets old and deformed, then the whole processing will be stuck. But, let’s see our 5th generation machine, The roller is not connected with the reactor, yet built separately in one set. Therefore, even if the reactor grows older or wears out, the roller will run well, and no problem will appear.
2. Security: The reactor of 2nd generation machine moves back and forth, thus a corrugated pipe has to be built between the reactor and the catalyst chamber to correct the whole set. In addition, the pipe is thin and easy to be broken. Once it is broken, explosion will occur. For 5th generation tire to oil plant, No corrugated pipe is designed in this generation. Thus, no explosion threat.

3. Energy and environment: About 70cm of the 2nd generation machine reactor body is outside in the air without insulating layer, so the reactor heats faster. More energy will be lost. While, the head of the 5th generation machine reactor is very well sealed, and not possible to cause fire or smoke leaking. So it protects the environment and saves energy.
4. Energy: 2nd generation waste tire to oil machine: the fire stays short in the furnace, and causes fuel waste.
5th generation tire to oil plant: the fire stays much longer in the furnace, and saves a lot of energy.
5. Lifespan: 2nd generation waste tire to oil machine, the main body of the reactor is welded by oval plate directly, and is easily deformed by heat. Let’s move to 5th generation machine, the main body of the reactor is well welded by more advanced technology, and it is strong and not easy to be deformed. Hence, the life of the reactor is longer.
The sharp edges of the 5th generation turning waste tire to oil machine are obviously seen above. And it is also the hottest seller in Huayin Group recent years. However, the 2th pyrolysis plant reactor still exists in other companies in Shangqiu cities. Clients have to be more careful to choose quality plants when visiting different companies. Welcome all friends come to visit our factory do research and study!

(This is our 5th generation waste tire to oil machine delivered to Peru) 

(This is our 6th generation waste plastic to oil machine installed in Bulgaria)

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After Sale of Huayin Pyrolysis Plant Counsel

Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co., Ltd is specialized in inventing and producing pyrolysis plant, including tyre pyrolysis plant, plastic pyrolysis plant, crude oil distillation plant, decolor and deodour equipment and other accessory equipment such as briquette machine and blender machine.

The main machines focus on refining industrial fuel oil from plastic waste, scrap tires and other available solid waste. Among all the main products, and most of the major parts in every complete machine are patented products, which means they were created and released through hundreds of experiments by essential engineers and inventors from Huayin Group. Therefore, our equipment possess enough certificates like CE and SGS.
In addition, after sale is a big part of Huayin service, including installation, workers training, and technical consult during running. Normally, installation and workers training mean the most after purchasing.

The best way to make the machine run well is to obey our installation principle, which is our specially appointed engineer will be in charge of the whole building and commissioning process and train the new hired workers of clients. Because our professional engineers know the basics of pyrolysis technology, yet if the foundation part is not fixed well, running would be a huge problem.
However, some of our clients, who are too confident about themselves and in a rush for the project, do not want to be led by our engineer, and install the machine by themselves.
And the consequence is their foundation is not built stable, thus the machine shavers while running, breaking the whole project in some way. Therefore, our heartfelt suggestion is clients had better listen to the professional orders of our appointed engineers to avoid unnecessary financial loss.

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Feedback from Jordanian Client

The picture is telling a newly installed plant in a Middle East country.

Near the end of 2014, Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment CO. Ltd successfully cooperated with a client from Jordan. And our famous salesman Mark is the main contact who made this international cooperation happen.
Through about half a year’s investigation and negotiation, the client finally purchased a pyrolysis plant for refining waste tires to industrial fuel oil.

After few months, under the guidance of Huayin appointed engineer, all the installation and commissioning jobs are done.
Plus, the oil yield from the plant is positive until now. To be honest with my dear readers, he complains about some tiny disadvantages, however, it is an encouragement for Huayin group to pursue more advanced service.
We will trace more updates once the meaningful information is got.

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Non-Stop Efforts to Pursue Complete Quality Plastic to oil Machine

Just like what was mentioned in last season Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co. Ltd is a specialized and patented manufacturer of tire and plastic recycling machine, focusing on dealing with house garbage, and refining them to industrial fuel oil, in order to make profits for investors and decrease the environmental solution. And throughout all those years until today, Huayin people do not stop sparing efforts to pursue complete quality by paying attention to pyrolysis technical details.

Apart from non-stop research, invention and experiments, Huayin also spends time checking the functions of small parts, collecting the previous working conditions. After that, the decision-making level and engineers will hold a formal meeting to discuss about the problems appeared while running, and then work out a program together to update the problematic small parts or improve them to a better level quality. Therefore the whole set would be updated, and so as the efficiency of the plant.

Furthermore, personalities moulding and training will never be ignored in Huayin, for it is well known in Huayin that human and spirit value the most among everything. Personhood comes first and then work is one of the core concepts of Huayin Group. Once the staff have very good personalities inside, such us clean conscience, they would try hard to produce things out of conscience and care the quality and safety most. For years, the leadership here do not stop seeking a clean conscience of the team and help everyone to do it.
Others may say obstacles mean a group is not good enough, however, Huayin considers every obstacle, difficulty, reproach or even slander as a special motivation. Because all of them help us to know ourselves more and move froward with stronger faith.

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