China Machinex 2015: Plastic to oil conversion machine in Brazil

Good news! Huayin group was invited to attend The Brazil China Machinex 2015 druing 14th september to 16th  september in 2015. The Machinex exhibition will be hold at the Transamerica Expo Center, see the following details:
Exhibition name: China Machinex 2015, Brazil
Date: 14th-16th, Sep., 2015
Add: Transamerica Expo Center, Brazil

Let’s see the detailed information about the China Machinex Brazil:

China Machinex Brazil, que acontecerá em paralelo à China HomeLife Brazil 2015, contará com mais de 500 fabricantes da China com aproximadamente de 2.000 produtos premium espalhados em mais de 12.000 metros quadrados de exposição.  O evento, que tem edições em vários países no Oriente médio, Europa e Ásia e foi sucesso na sua primeira versão sul-americana no Brasil promete enriquecer os negócios entre distribuidores e revendedores de produtos chineses em 2015. Agendado de 14 a 16 de Setembro das 13hrs às 20hrs no Transamerica Expo Center, em São Paulo, o evento é imprescindível para empresários e profissionais em busca dos melhores fornecedores de produtos vindos do maior centro de produtos industrializados do mundo.
Com enfoque na indústria, a feira, totalmente B2B, é a oportunidade ideal  para que importadores, distribuidores e revendedores de grandes volumes encontrem o estado da arte em máquinas e equipamentos a preços competitivos Made in China. Entre os principais setores estão o de Energia & Eletricidade (alta e baixa voltagem), Plástico, Ferramentaria, Processamento de Alimentos & Embalagem, além de um setor exclusivo de fornecedores de Autopeças.
China Machinex Brazil 2015 traz para o Brasil um grupo seleto de fabricantes cuja  qualidade é comprovada por inúmeros certificados internacionais. Tendo passado pela Índia, Egito, Polônia, Turquia, Dubai e agora no Brasil a China Machinex Brazil 2015, permite que você encontre os principais fabricantes chineses sem precisar sair do Brasil.

The exciting news is that this time we will take our newset prove technology the 6th generation machine plastic to oil plant, tyre recycling to oil plant to the exhibition. The born of the 6th generation pyrolysis machine have it’s practical significance.
In the February of 2014, my boss visited some European countries, such as Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria and Czech, seriously heard customers’ advice, many European concern environmental friendly, if the machine is no pollution, they can get government approval easily, and some also can get subsidy to recycle waste. After he came back to China, combine the experienced engineers and suggestions from university professors, we invented the 6th generation machine.
Sometimes maybe customers want to transfer the plant from a place to another place, new 6th generation tyre to oil, plastic to oil plant can very easy to disassemble and assemble together. While old design is very hard to do like this.

If you want to know more details about the 6th generation Plastic to oil conversion machine, tire to oil conversion machine, welcome to visit our booth at the exhibition, yuo can also send us email or call us anytime, welcome to visit our factory! See you in Brazil!

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Plastic to oil machine

Aimed at waste tire processing and recycling, the waste tire pyrolysis plant developed by Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co., Ltd will process waste tire/waste plastic into industrial fuel oil carbon black and steel wire with pyrolysis technology. Our high-tech recycling technology obtained great economic and social benefit. And become a great discovery in worldwide energy renewal.

Manufacture Process:
A. In most manufacturing processes, we replace handwork by automatic machines. On the one hand, the productions ability is increased even with less workers. On the other hand the quality of products is improved because by machine the manufacturing procedure is more accurate.
B. We choose high quality for all materials, including the plate of reactor and accessories, the motors, the shell cover, the roller, the gear, the reducer, the insulation material0, the sealing material etc. We pay attention to details in each process.

Plastic to oil machine working process:
Put 10 tons waste tire into reactor after necessary decontamination processing and simple cutting, then close the door. Heat the reactor with wood, coal, oil or gas. When temperature reaches 100 degrees, pyrolysis starts in the reactor. And oil gas comes out from oil outlet. When oil gas from reactor goes through catalyst chamber, top cooling pipe, oil- waster separator, heavy oil is collected in the heavy oil tank. Other oil gas continue to go through high-power cooling system ( horizontal condenser) and cooling down , finally collect into the light oil tank. Uncondensable gas can be recycled to heat the pyrolysis machine reactor. When all the oil gas is extracted out, only carbon black and steel wire left in the reactor. After reactor cooling down, carbon black and steel wire slagging out automatically. Steel wire can be sold directly in the market to the steel factory. After process with a magnetic separator, carbon black mix with organic chemical adhesive can be used to make coal briquette. The calorific value reach to 6000 calories. It is a very good energy used to heat the reactor instead of wood , coal, gas, fuel.
Pyrolysis machine working time:
Here we take 10ton capacity for your reference:
→ Use auto feeder load compete tires into reactor directly, 2 hours
→ Put wood/coal/natural gas/fuel oil into fire furnace make fire, warm up reactor, last 3-4hours
→ After that oil gas will come out, last 10-12hours
→ Cooling down reactor, 1 hour
→ Discharge carbon black, 1 hour
→ pull steel wire out, 1 hour

Pyrolysis machine profit analysis:

(Take Mexico for example) (per day)
Item Quantity Unit price (USD) Total (USD)
Used tire 10 ton 42 420
Fuel Crude oil 0 0
Electric 300kw 0.2 60
Salary for worker 4 workers 61/day/person 244
Total cost 724
Item Quantity Unit price (USD) Total (USD)
Crude oil 4.5 ton 550 2475
Carbon black 3 ton 20 60
Steel wire 1.5 ton 192 288
Total return 2823
Gross profit 2099

If you have any question, welcome to contact us anytime!

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Tyre Pyrolysis to Oil Plant to Produce Electricity

In the May of 2015, there are several clients come to Huayin factory to visit the tyre recycling to oil plant. They are considering to install the waste tires pyrolysis plant in their country, while, from the further communication between us, we get to know that their ultimate goal is to produce electricity from the tires oil. As we know that the power scarcity condition is serious all around the world like Brazil, Chile, Nigeria and south Africa, etc. So I believe this waste tires/plastic to electricity project will be a new profitable opportunity for those who want to pursue business success.

The following will answer some basic questions you may meet at the primary stage:
1. Q: Can I mix waste tire and plastic wood clothes together in the reactor?
A: The plastic mixed with wood and clothes, if you can separate these wastes, it would be better for machine running, if you do not want to separate, that is also ok. After pyrolysis, the wood will become charcoal, there are also plastic sludge and clothes sludge. But these slag are useless after pyrolysis.
2. Q: What final products can we get after the pyrolysis system?
A: After pyrolysis, you can get fuel oil, steel wire and carbon black. For the steel wire, you can also remove it before pyrolysis if your tire is not so big (small than D1200).
3. Q: Do you have machine for processing the carbon black and their value?
A: For the carbon black, we have machine to process it to color master batch, the color master batch can be used for making plastic products, pipes and rubber products with high market value.
4. Q: What is environmental impact, is it harmful for environment?
A: For the environmental protection, we have the SGS report for the chimney emission. For others parts, there is no emission, it can reach EU standard.
5. Q: I would like process 20-30 TON waste tyres per day capacity, do you have such model?
A: As you want to process 20 to 30 tons per day. The capacity is small, so we suggest you to use two or three sets of our 10 tons pyrolysis machine, and if one machine have problem, you can use the other two to make sure the oil you need, if you buy one big continuous machine, once it need maintenance or broken, you have to stop the generator.
6. Q: what should I prepare and study before investing this project?
A: This is large project, please consider it carefully before you make the decision. First, for the generator, you need to confirm how many kw you want to produce one hour? Please prepare the government license and the electricity application industry before investing.

If you have any questions, please let us know with no hesitate. All huayin people are sincere to help you build a successful platform.

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Tyre pyrolysis plant in Iran

In November 2014, Huayin factory welcome a customer from Iran come to visit our running waste tyre pyrolysis plant.

Our valuable friends wanted to buy the scrap tyre recycling machine for recycling the used worn tyre into crude fuel oil. This customer introduced the bright prospect of tyre pyrolysis plant project in Iran. From his introduction we got the information that there are large amounts of car tyres abandoned in their country, and government tried many ways to recycle these waste tyre to reduce landfill usage. And fortunately they find the tyre to oil solution. As this is a green and renewable energy project, they get government license and would implement it soon.
When he visited to our factory, we introduced the raw material (steel wire of the reactor) testing, plasma cutting and auto-welding with X-ray detection process for producing the tyre pyrolysis plant. After visiting our manufacturing shop, we show him the machine running from material feeding to carbon black discharging, He was very satisfied with our technology since the smoke from chimney is absolute white. He praise our machine can reach Europe standard and he would go back country for preparing everything to launch this project ASAP.
After this customer back to his home, no more than one month, he contacted to us for signing the contract of the tyre recycling machine with us. After signed the contract, he paid the deposit for the machine soon. And his machine was delivered to Iran, December 2014.
As the tyre pyrolysis plant arrived at his factory, we send our engineer go there for machine installation. After installation, our engineer debug the machine working and training his workers. Now his machine is running well now, everything is going well. We sincere thanks our dear clients’ trust and wish him happy life every day.

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Hazardous Chemicals Directory, shale gas drilling refining equipment

On May 1st, Chinese new version of Hazardous Chemicals Directory 2015 will be settled down according to classification and labeling of chemicals to national standards. It is a nationwide event to protect Chinese vulnerable environment more from many aspects.
The definition of Hazardous Chemicals accordingly: things that have toxic, corrosive, explosive, burning, combustion and other properties which harms human body, facilities, and environment with hazardous chemicals and other toxic chemicals.

Unfortunately, objects from waste drilling fluid while exploiting the shale gas include some articles which are in line with the Hazardous Chemicals Directory. Besides all the traditional ways are not good for dealing with the waste, landfill, burning or sealing underground are all very harmful and poisonous to the environment.
However, shale gas drilling is developing fast both in China and abroad, and waste dealing is always a headache, because it is known that where the waste fluid goes, there is no living things any more.
But always remember nothing is impossible to a willing heart. It happens in Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co. Ltd that our R & D department took time, energy and labor to research, experiment and come up with new technology to treat this kind of poisonous waste in a least harmful way which is up to national environment protection standards.
If you are still tortured by shale gas drilling waste pollution, come to Huayin group and we would like to help you out with green technology.

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Waste Plastic into Fuel Oil Project in Thailand

As we stepped into 20th and 21st centuries, the world’s population keeps increasing rapidly, and plenty of irreplaceable resources have been nearly extinct day by day. And human beings are facing a long term survival crisis. However, not everyone did not realize it, and some people started to look for energy of new types to give the coming generations more chances to live. Universally speaking, the early new energies are wind power, hydropower, solar and geothermal energy. Besides, each place has its different new energy according to the typical geographical advantages. For instance, Netherlands is famous for her wind power due to the rich wind resource.

Nonetheless, there are few types about turning waste into new energy. Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co. Ltd stands at  forefront of times and spent years’ exploring new alternative energy. Eventually, waste plastic to fuel oil, used tires to furnace oil pyrolysis technology showed up to the world. Huayin pyrolysis technology is mainly dealing with reining waste plastic to industrial oil, which can be used in a lot of heavy industries.
Plastics include PP, PE, PS, PET, PVC, ABS and so forth, yet not all of them are available to be refined to get oil, only several kinds are good choices such as PP. Plus, plastic oil is a kind of bio-oil with very good quality. With its wide usages, plastic oil can make profit for pyrolsis project investors and devote themselves to environmental protection at the same time.

Yet not many countries know this kind of technology, or a lot of people even never heard about it. Therefore, it is our responsibility to share this precious finding to more people who we share the only earth with in order to make full use of the limited resources on earth.
Last but not in the least, in the middle of May, to be exact, 13rd-16th Huayin will bring pyrolysis plastic technology to Southern East countries like Thailand hopefully to help more people make profit from wastes. You will never feel regretful to come to Huayin booth to take a look at our booth.

Welcome to visit our factory in Xinxiang, CHina. Welcome to attend the exhibition in Thailand during May13-16, 2015.

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Waste Tire Pyrolysis 9-Ton Energy-Saving Oriented

Service range and technical details: The gray refining product on the picture is designed as Waste Tire Pyrolysis 9-Ton. As the name expresses, it is specialized in transforming scrap tires into several kinds of precious objects under a fixed technical surroundings. It is able to contain about 9 tons of waste tires, and runs about 21 hours generally without a stop in one day with about 4 workers watching.

The valuable outputs: largest amount of tire furnace oil, carbon black, and steel wire. Each of the items is well salable.
 It is made of over one thousand of precise components, some are large, and others tiny. And the automatic welding technology is among the most advanced ones.
Certificates: Among the large units, more than three are patented products. What is more, it is qualified with ISO, CE, and BV report, proving her safety and quality guarantees.

Energy-Saving oriented: At the same time, Waste Tire Pyrolysis 9-Ton is well known with a number of advantages, and only one point is emphasized here. Used water from the three cooling steps can be recycled to the reactor and go back to the cooling system to run as circulating cooling water again, and the inflammable syngas from refining process will be collected for second use such as heating the reactor; therefore a large amount of fuel cost for clients would be reduced, and meanwhile, air and water pollution are avoided.
Market for outputs: the markets for the above outputs are not hard to search, yet very wide. In the first place, the fuel oil from waste tires can be sold to manufacturers such as aluminum factory, ceramic factory, cement factory, power plant, glass factory, boiler factory and so forth. Second, tire carbon black can be processed to make rubber or other chemical products in a unique formula with good price. And the pulled-out steel wire is also recyclable and salable.
Note: the methods of discharging carbon black have been improved, thus the related work will be more efficient, for example the new spiral carbon discharging device.

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