Pyrolysis Plant, Manufacturer Of Waste Plastic Pyrolysis machine

Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co. Ltd, Which is located in Xinxiang city, Henan Province. The nearest international airport name is Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport. We are specialized in wase tire to fuel oil pyrolysis machine, Waste Plastic Pyrolysis machine, waste oil distillation machine since 1993. Unique 2000 square meters Demo Plant running everyday. Welcome to visit us at anytime.

Waste Plastic Pyrolysis machine Developing history:

In 1993, our boss start to use the first generation.          (the vertical pyrolysis machine)
In 1997, my boss develop the second generation.         (the horizontal pyrolysis machine)
In 2000, we invented the third generation.
In 2004, we invented the fourth generation.
In 2005, we sell the machine to India.
In 2008, we sell the machine to Europe.
In 2010, we sell the machine to Africa.
In 2012, we invented the fifth generation machine.
In 2014, We will put out our sixth generation.

Working process of Waste Plastic Pyrolysis machine:

2 hours input waste tires into reactor through auto feeder
4 hours preheating (coal / wood / fuel oil / natural gas)
Oil gas comes out last 10-12 hours
2 hours cooling down reactor
1 hour discharge carbon black
1 hour pull the steel wire out

Waste tyre plastic pyrolysis machine final products:

1. About tire crude oil (45% to 50%)
Could be used as fuel in following ways:
a) Power plant factory
b) Glass factory
c) Cement factory
d) Ceramic factory
e) Aluminum factory
f) Boiler factory
g) Central heatig factory
h) Painting factory etc.

2. CARBON BLACK (30% to 35%)
1. Actually there are many ways and many usage of carbon black from tires.
2. Now we can supply carbon black processing machine which can make carbon black further processed to be Color Master(base color material). That can be used as material for manufacturing plastic.
3. Like following: Plastic pipes, Electric cable jacketing etc.
4. Also in our factory there is another kind of machine (carbon black briquettes machine) which can make carbon black be briquettes then can be used as fuel for burning.
3. STEEL WIRE (10% to 15%)
Tyres contain steel wires and the amount range of 10% to 15% of the total tyre wastage. All of the steel present in the tyre can be detached after the P Valuable steel wires are pressed and sold to steel and scrap dealers.
4. GAS (5% to 8%)
Non-Condensable gases arise during the pyrolysis process.

After saels service:

a) During the period of contract validity, we would offer the technical service of equipment maintenance, accessories of the machines is guaranteed for a year (do not include the human-factor damage and the easily worn out parts). We are responsible to change the non-standard and international accessories unconditionally on the condition that the buyer use the machine strictly as per the user instructions, damage occurred during normal production, we would replace/provide unconditionally any damaged parts to the buyer. After the expiry of validity, the accessories should be bought from the seller or from the third party.
b) We will send one technician for one set to install and adjust the equipment for the buyer, and make sure the equipment runs normally. We would also offer the operating technology materials.
c) Buyer should offer the Construction site layout within 30 days after the signing of the contract to assist us to install and adjust the machine actively.
d) The air tickes should be paid by the buyer.The buyer should also be in charge of the accommodation of the technician and need pay the technician 50 USD per day each person.

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Waste Plastic Recycling Plant and Machinery manufacturers

Waste to wealth project:

Waste plastic recycling machine is a green way to deal with house waste and industry waste, such as waste tire,  waste plastic and waste rubber. Nowadays most people just bury waste underground. It is just a temporary way to  process waste plastics. Sooner or later, there will be no more place for landfill. Meanwhile it courses serious  pollution. We introduce you waste tire/plastic recycling machine. It is also known as pyrolysis plant and  distillation plant. It can recycle waste to fuel oil. It turns waste to green energy. It will solve environmental  problems and help you build wealth.
We have been in this field since 1993. After years’ development, testing and experience, we have strong confidence  that we will offer you the latest technology, real quality and reliable service.

What the financial results from Waste Plastic Recycling Machine:

Take one batch 10t waste tyre Plastic Recycling Machine as an example:
Total Output:
1. Crude oil: 45%*10t=4.5t
2. Carbon black: 35%*10t=3.5t
3. Steel wire: 13%*10t=1.3t
1. 10 tons of waste tires 10T×USD 236/T=USD2360
2. 0.4 tons of coal        0.4T×USD126 /T=USD50.4
3. Water and electricity 200×USD0.16=USD32
4. Workers Salary               4×USD16=USD64
5. Total Cost                USD2506.4
1. Crude Oil                10T×45%×USD709=USD3190.5
2. Carbon Black                10T×35%×USD82=USD287
3. Steel Wire                10T×13%×USD34=USD450
4. Gross Profit                USD3927.5
5. Daily Net Profit        USD3927.5-USD2506.4=USD1421.1
6. Monthly Net Profit        USD1421.1×25=USD35527.5
7. Yearly Net Profit        USD35527.5×10=USD 355275
Note: It means that you can take back your investment and start to make profit within two months.

Working process waste tyre pyrolysis to fuel oil equipment:

1) Feed the raw material into furnace automatically or manually, then seal the feed inlet system.
2) Heat the reactor by burning the fuel material (coal, or wood, or natural gas, oil ) in the combustion system
the reactor will slowly become heat ,when the temperature reach around 250 degree celsius, the oil gas will be  formed.
3) After processed by our technology, the oil gas will go to cooling system for cold liquid oil the gas which can  not become liquid under normal pressure, will be designed to go back to combustion system through safety device  instead of the fuel material to burn the reactor, which is environmental friendly and can save you much energy.
4)After finished oil produce, the temperature of reactor will be down, while,carbon black can be discharged  automatically.
5) when the temperature fall down to 100 degree celsius, worker could opened the door of reactor to discharge of  steel wire.
6) Then can start to another batch working.

After-sales service:

After purchasing our Waste Plastic Recycling Machine, we would send our engineer to instruct your workers to install  your plant at same time training your workers how to operate plant correctly. Each of engineer from XINXIANG HUAYIN  renewable energy equipment co., ltd has many years experience of installation and making tire oil. Operating plant  correctly decides tire oil yield rate directly and your workers’ safety.

Running plant for customer visiting:

HUAYIN factory owns the biggest demo plant factory, where there are completed installed 5 generation tire pyrolysis  plant, 4 generation Waste Plastic Recycling Machine, waste oil distillation plant etc. please see some photos of  demo plant below. Besides our oil product lab is same with plant factory. If you want to see the running plant, that  is best choice.

Company concept:

President Mr. Guo is an honest Christian, under his leadership and influence, HUAYIN people are almost becoming  Christians. Our real boss is God. No cheating, no lying to our customers. Our motto: HELP OUR CUSTOMERS SUCCEED WITH  HONTEST HEARTS.

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Small scale recycling tire pyrolysis machine manufacturer and exporter from China

Waste to Oil Energy tire pyrolysis machine:

In our modern society, waste plastics, waste tires, waste rubber and waste oil cause serious environmental  pollution. Most people have no idea about how to dispose of these house waste or industry waste. Burning, landfill,  actually are not the right way to solve the problem. Here, We have the honor to introduce you the green technology  for waste recycling. Tire pyrolysis machine, waste plastic recycling plant, also named as pyrolysis equipment. Waste  engine oil recycling machine, oil residue recycling machine, also named as distillation equipment.
After being processed, all the tire or plastic will be fully recycled, most percent are turned into fuel oil, the  others are carbon black and fuel gas. It does not cause secondary pollution. Meanwhile at most area of the world,  the cost of raw meterial is very very low. Because actually they are waste things. People are willing to cooperate  with you as waste management. After recycling these waste things are turned into treasure.

Waste tire pyrolysis machine working process:

First, feed raw materials like tires into the reactor by auto-feeder. (Tips, crushed tires can be feed more.)
Second, heat the reactor by using coal, oil, natural gas or wood, after being heated tires will be oil gas, oil gas  can be liquid when they go through cooling system, like 1st cooling pipes and 2 horizontal condensers. In this way,  liquid oil will be saves in oil-tank.
There will still be some gas that couldn’t be liquefied, these gas will be sent back to furnace as fuel, energy- saving.
Further, smoke comes from burning material that heating the reactor will go into de-dusting system, some high  pressure nozzles inside spray some chemical water, the dust will be absorbed by the chemical water and flowing into  the de-dusting pool. In the pool we will put some chemical which could remove the sulfur.
At last, the exhaust gas will go into the chimney sucked by the draft fan, when emission the exhaust gas will become  steam, no pollution.

Waste tire pyrolysis machine reactor and condenser:

The two keys of tire pyrolysis machine are reactor and cooling system.
Reactor directly decides the machine’s safety and service life. It is made by welded steel plate. So the quality of  welding will have a direct impact on safety and service life. Therefore, we use automatic welding machine, X rays  detection and heating treatment which will not only guarantee the quality of welding but also greatly improve  working efficiency.
For cooling systems, there are two steps. Cooling pipe is the first step. The second is condenser. We have three  condensers. And there are 57 pipes in one condenser. Diameter is 48mm for one small pipe. The heat exchanging area  is about 13square meters for one condenser. So the total cooling area is about 40 square meters, which will  guarantee you a high oil yield.

Main features of waste tire pyrolysis machine:

1. With an auto welding machine for the reactor, it can not only greatly improve working efficiency but also  guarantee the quality of welding seam, thus avoid explosion caused by gas leak.
2. Professional heating treatment and x-ray detection chamber are especially for welding.
3. Vacuum system will prevent oil gas from going back to reactor and causing accident.
4. Professional thermometer, pressure gauge and safety valve.
5. It is dangerous to burn exhaust gas (C1 to C4) without any safety measures. In our process, it is transferred  first through the safety device and a safety burning air muzzle. Before burning, we should ensure the safety of  production.
Environment friendly:
1. Well water de-dusting system can avoid black smoke.
2. The exhaust gas will be recycled for heating reactor, no gas pollution.
3. Every junction of the reactor is in good sealing situation with professional sealing material.
Long service life:
1. Material: Q245R special steel plate, thickness 14mm.
2. Welding: Automatic welding machine with heating treatment and x-ray detection will prolong the service life of  reactor to the max.
3. The service life of the reactor will be 8-10 years.
Energy saving:
1. Well sealing for heating system , no gas leak and saving fuel.
2. The exhaust gas will be recycled for reactor heating.

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What is tyre pyrolysis plant: appearance of China waste pyrolysis machine

Huayin group is the leader of China waste tyre pyrolysis plant, why I can say this, it should talked from the apperance of the first generation waste tyre pyrolysis plant in China.

    One morning of 20 years ago, Mr. Guo walked on the his way to his friend Mr. Xu’s home. The weather was very hot, large drops of perspiration streaming down from Mr. Guo face, he looks solemn and gathered his brows into a frown as if he was thinking something serious. Things would go back to the evening of three days ago, Mr. Guo went home from school after finish his school work.

When he was having dinner with his wife and son, there came a burst of rapid knock on the door. Guo’s son ran fast and opened the door, Mr. Xu stood outside with matted hair, he looks excited and shouted loudly: I did it, I did it! Xu and Guo are good friends, they grew up together, graduated together and worked together. But later Xu resigned his job and everyday he was immersed in his so-called scientific research mysteriously. Guo tried several times to persuade him to go back to work, but Xu was always dragging. After a long time, Guo gave up. But he still relieved his friend Xu occasionally as Xu’s life was really strapped even his food and clothing are problems.

    Every time Xu would say: Don’t worry, after I succeed, both of us will have a big villa. And Guo just smiled and never take it seriously. So this time, Guo smiled as usual and said: you must be don’t have money, come to eat first and I will give you some money. But Xu said excitedly: No, no, this time I really succeed, I succeed, ha ha ha ha… I am a genius! Guo shook his head: hey, how could you do it, I told you many times to go back to work.

How plastics can be made into oil, it’s impossible! Xu shouted anxiously: it’s true, I did it, if you don’t believe, you can go watch it. Guo ate some food and said: OK, OK, I believe you, OK? But Xu argued: I’m not crazy, my treasure is in my backyard, you must go to look it after meal, be sure to come! Guo was about to speak, his wife glanced at him. So Guo said: Well, I’m very busy these days, I will go and see after these days. Xu said: OK, OK, OK, let me go first, be sure to come! And then he ran away. Guo looked at his wife and said: what’s wrong? His wife said: Xu acts like a madman, are you silly too? How could you belive this. Guo smiled and said: well, don’t be anxious. Anyway, we are good friends, not to mention his current situation. How can I stimulate him again? Whether it is true or false, I will go to see it two days later. His wife sighed heavily: hey, he is such a good person, how to become this? Guo heard, but also sighed.

    So after three days, it was Sunday morning, Mr. Guo had nothing to do. That day was July 11, 1993, He remember clearly, the weather was very hot, he took the meals that his wife prepared to send to Xu. By the way, to see that so-called baby: oil refining equipment! In fact, Guo was also whispered in his heart: did he really do it? It’s impossible, how could he succeed? In any case, it’s impossible to refine plastic to oil. But he still could not stop thinking it, it is human natural curiosity.
    When he was about to enter into Xu’s house, a strange smell wafted out, Guo guessed something may happened? He speed up the pace and ran to Xu’s home. Guo pushed the door directly and shouted: Xu, where are you? Where are you? He shouted several times, but nobody responded. Guo became more worried and suddenly he thought of the backyard that Xu had mentioned, then he walked toward to the backyard, there he saw the scene in the backyard that he will never forget, the scene that changed his whole life…, that is the first generation of China waste tyre pyrolysis plant…

    For further detailed information about Huayin waste tyre pyrolysis plant, please pay attention to the contact information on our website.

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Does waste plastics or tires refining earn money in Thailand?

Does waste plastics or tires refining earn money?

Our boss bagan to work in waste plastics or tires refining for many years, between the spring of 2003 and the outbreak of the financial crisis of 2008 is the better efficiency time, during which the international oil price has been rising, domestic oil price reduction. Business has been very good to do. Now we are all in the crisis, oil price will be up until the next financial crisis. The oil price could not drop significantly in this period, which country will sell their “black gold” in a cheaper price.According to the above trends,each investor should consider their own conditions carefully. First, whether you have rich raw material or not. Second, whether it suits to invest at you location or not. Third, whether you have sales or not. We would like to give advice to you. You are welcome to call us and visit us. See the waste plastics oil or tires oil after refining pictures:

Thailand waste plastics or tires refining to fuel oil:

In the recent years, the waste plastics and scrap tyre refining to fuel oil always popular in Thailand, we have many many clients fromThailand and they gain great wealth from tire and plastic recycling business, we have build perfect cooperation relationship in this field. Let’s see a Thailand customer tires refining pyrolysis machine working site we have installed recently.

Waste plastics or tires refining machine profit anyalysis in Mexico:

Waste plastics or tires refining machine profit anyalysis in Pakistan:

Welcome to visit huayin factory:

HUAYIN GROUP is specialized in manufacturing waste management equipment. After years’ research, experiment and improvement, we have the honor to introduce you waste tire pyrolysis machine, waste plastic pyrolysis machine, waste oil distillation machine and decoloring device. Instead of landfill or burning, this is a green technology recycling waste tire and waste plastic to oil. HUAYIN has formal production lines with clear division of work, technical laboratory with the ability to test various parameters of oil products, experienced engineers who guarantee the installation and training of your workers. And we have different kinds of running machines in our factory. HUAYIN has professional sales team offering you honest service. We treat security as the first principle in the production, meanwhile make efforts on quality, environmental protection, automation, energy saving and high oil yield. We have certificates of ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, BV, SGS and 11 patents for our equipment. HUAYIN can manufacture equipment according to your special requirements. HUAYIN is a company with Christian background. Honesty is our principle in international trade, it brings us friendships with customers and build up a fine reputation in the market. Welcome your visiting to HUAYIN. We are looking forward to have a good cooperation with you.


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Earn money tire oil changing machine by professional manufacturer from China

Huayin to India exhibition:

Huayin company will attend China Machinex India 2014 exhibition with our latest technology 6th generation waste tyre plastic pyrolysis plant, tire oil changing machine. Welcome your visting!

Exhibition Name: China Machinex India 2014
Date: 2014/11/20 – 2014/11/22
Venue: Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC)
Add: Western Express Highway, Goregaon East, Mumbai, India

Earn money tire oil changing machine by professional manufacturer from China

Earn money tire oil changing machine by professional manufacturer from China

Six generation tire oil changing machine invented by Huayin:

In 2014, huayin company released the 6th generation waste tyre recycling to oil pyrolysis equipment, tire oil changing machine,  it is the newest and latest tyre pyrolysis machine that converts scrap tyre and plastic into fuel oil. Compared with the previous machine, this new design six generation pyrolysis plant has much longer service life, less floor space, better cooling effect and shorter installtion period.
The six generation waste tyre/plastic recycling pyrolysis machine is our most hot popular design, it can process both waste tires and waste plastics into oil. This latest pyrolysis technology can finish installation within 7-10 days thus can save you lots of time, you can put into production with our engineers help in short times. Another feasibility is that clients no longer need to build machine foundation by yourself. Third, you don’t need to build carbon black collecting pit and fire pit. The reactor service life is 3-5 times than before.

Earn money tire oil changing machine by professional manufacturer from China

Earn money tire oil changing machine by professional manufacturer from China

Why Huayin six generation tyre pyrolysis plant is unique?

Components Huayin Other manufacturer Advantages
Slope inside reactor Yes No Easier to pull steel wire out
Oil outlet diameter 1000mm 600mm Sturdiness and durability
Gear material Cast steel Cast iron High toughness
Reactor material Q345R+S310 Q245R Longer life
Reducer Cast steel Cast iron Strong durability
Welding technique seamless welding with carbon arc air gouging Seam welding Zero smell and oil leakage
Cooling system 3 steps cooling Vertical condenser High oil yield and quality
Carbon black discharge system Vacuum discharge Spiral discharge Safe and environmental-friendly
Earn money tire oil changing machine by professional manufacturer from China

Earn money tire oil changing machine by professional manufacturer from China

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Safety concerns in Batch type Tire Pyrolysis Plants

In the past 10 years, batch type waste tire pyrolysis plants have been installed across the world with high profits and high risks. Typical batch tire pyrolysis plant has 5MT to 12MT loading capacity of tires. Explosions happened in pyrolysis plants when the following three factors combined.

When these 3 factors combine, it will cause an explosion: the oil gas, oxygen and high temperature.

1) Our Plants have an oil-water separator and an anti-blowback device which contains water in it; it will stop the oil gas from blowing back to the reactor. Because the oil gas passes through water and comes out as bubbles, it’s impossible for blow back to occur this eliminates the first factor.
2) Our machine can discharge carbon black and slagging automatically. There is a Slag discharge pool alongside the reactor, and the cover has water all around the edge. This pool connects with the furnace, so the oxygen inside it will be consumed and thus create a vacuum. As no oxygen can re-enter because of the water pool the second factor is also eliminated.
3) When factors1 and 2 are eliminated, the possibility of explosion is negated.
Our Reactors are manufactured to the exacting standards of pressure vessels. The materials of the 5th generation reactor are Q245R or Q345R boiler steel, these two materials exhibit high temperature and heat resistance.

Batch type Tire Pyrolysis Plants final products:

Used tyre to fuel oil pyrolysis plant final products report
Raw Material Oil Yield Steel wire Carbon Black Water
Waste tire/Rubber Big tires 45%-50% 15%-20% 30% 5%-10%
Car tires 40% 10%-15% 45% 5%-10%
Cycling or Motorcycle tires 30%-35% 5%-10% 45% 5%-10%
Waste plastic Fishing net 45%-50% 30%
Safety net; Farming film 45%-50% 25%
Convenience bag; Woven bag 40% 30%
Offcut from recycled paper plant 20%-30% 20%

( Tyre oil and plastic oil gennerated from waste tyre and plastic )

( Carbon black from waste tyres and plastic )

( steel wire from waste tyres)

Large and small capacity batch type tire pyrolysis plants:

NO. Model Reactor size volume capacity Note
1 HY-2200-6000 2200*6000mm 20.7 M³ 5 MT/Batch 3 batches 2days
2 HY-2200-6600 2200*6600mm 25.1 M³ 6 MT/Batch 3 batches 2days
3 HY-2600-6000 2600*6000mm 31.8M³ 7 MT/Batch 1 batch 1 day
4 HY-2600-6600 2600*6600mm 35.0M³ 8 MT/Batch 1 batch 1 day
5 HY-2800-6000 2800*6000mm 36.9 M³ 9 MT/Batch 1 batch 1 day
6 HY-2800-6600 2800*6600mm 40.6 M³ 10 MT/Batch 1 batch 1 day

Welcome to visit us:

Every huayin staff use full heart to produce the best equipment and supply every foreign customer professional service as we are the servants of God, we fulfill Lord’s mission to clean the world. Here I sincerely invite all foreign friends who want to have achievements in this field come to visit our Batch type Tire Pyrolysis Plants in Xinxiang, when you see it, you will know that’s what you’ve been looking for.


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