Xinxiang huayin waste to oil continuous pyrolysis plant with huge profit

To customers:

    Dear customers, when you enter into this page, I just want to say congratulations to you. I feel delighted because you will choose the most professional waste to oil continuous pyrolysis plant from HUAYIN group without failure. I am sure you must have seen many many pyrolysis plants and feel confused how to choose the best one. Don’t worry, you meet us, the pioneer of pyrolysis plant field for 20 years experience, you shall build a successful career with our help.

Why choose huayin continuous pyrolysis plant?

    1. Huayin group is specialized in manufacturing waste tire continuous pyrolysis plant, waste plastic pyrolysis plant and used oil distillation plant for 20 years experience in this field since 1993.
    2. Huayin factory have running pyrolysis plant for customers visiting, welcome to visit us.
    3. Huayin pyrolysis plant adopt advanced green technology, no pollution, recycle waste into energy.
    4. Professional experts help you choose the best and profitable machine.
    5. Send experienced engineer heach you install the machine, and help you training your workers

Continuous pyrolysis plant composition:

    Each set of the waste to oil countinuous pyrolysis plant is composed by 13 parts, include reactor, catalyst chamber, oil-water separator, two big horizontal condensers, two oil tank, anti-back fire device, negative pressure device, vacuum device, buffer tank, water jet flue, condenser pipe, dedusting system, draft fan and chimney.

2013 newest design waste oil distillation pyrolysis plant

Welcome to visit xinxiang huayin waste oil distillation pyrolysis plant:

    This is the only official website of huyain pyrolysis plant, so happy to see you here, you will make the right decision about oil distllation pyrolysis plant after you view our page. Success, set sail from here. Congratulations to you! When you really want to do business and prepare the equipment, do not just compare the price, the quality is much more important. So many oil distillaton plant, you may always feel confused, are their qualities really same? Who will sell their machine at lower price. Here, you must underatstand, only the low quality machine can be sold at lower price even though they looks alike. My dear customer, polish your eyes and make the best choice!

HUAYIN pyrolysis plant have three links, here i mainly introduce the oil distillation line:

The oil distillation link is to use the oil distillation machine to refine the crude oil,used engine oil to diesel and gasoline. The last link is the decoloring and smelling-removal device. Through these two links, you will get good quality diesel and gasoline with low costs and great benefits.

Waste oil distillation working flow chart:

feeding liquid crude oil – heating – catalytic cracking – fractionation – cooling liquid – decompression – flammable gas recovery – flammable gas combustion – desulfurization

Waste oil purificaiton working process:

purification of oil put into the tank – adding additives A – stir – precipitation – slagging – adding additives B – stir – precipitation – slagging – finished

We are always in a position to quote you the most competitive price with higher quality merchandise. Welcome to visit huayin!

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Waste Tyre Recycling Plant

Huayin Waste Tyre Recycling Plant:

    Waste tyre recycling fuel oil made by Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment, the professional China waste tyre recycling plant, China waste tyre recycling plant supplier and manufacturer with 20 years experience. Welcome to choose huayin to build your success!

Waste Tyre Recycling Plant Working Process:

Working flow chart:

    Tire broken – automatic feed – catalytic cracking – oil-water separation – cooling liquid – carbon black emission – carbon black processing – crude oil – flammable gas recovery – flammable gas combustion – desulfurzatiok and dust removal

Huayin waste tyre recycling plant advantages:

    1. The reactor is the most important part of the whole system, our design is fully automatic, it will not only improve working efficiency greatly but also guarantee the quality of welding seam that avoid explosion caused by gas leak.
    2. With our advanced vacuum system, once the oil gas go back to reactor, the reactor pressure will be negative and thus avoid causing accident.
    3. Safety first. It is dangerous to burn the waste gas without any safety measures. In our process, it is transferred first through the safety device and a safety burning air muzzle.

Xinxiang huayin waste to oil pyrolysis plant

Waste to oil pyrolysis plant brief introduction:

    Waste to oil pyrolysis plant is an industry adopts advanced green technology that recycles waste tyres and waste plastics into fuel oil(crude oil), carbon black, steel wire and flammable gas. The final products are widely used as industrial fuel materials for heating, steam or electricity.You can also do deep processing for the end products or sell them directly. Waste to oil pyrolysis plant is also known as: pyrolysis equipment, waste to oil industry, tire to fuel oil industry, plastic and tyre recycling equipment etc.

We always classify the waste to oil pyrolysis plant under the following categories:

    Waste plastic and tyre pollution control equipment
    Waste to energy industry
    Renewable energy equipment

Pyrolysis plant turn waste into energy:

Why choose Huayin waste to oil pyrolysis plant:

    Huayin waste to oil pyrolysis plant adopts green technology to avoid environmental pollution.
    Both waste tyres & plastics can be used as raw materials for processing.
    Continuous plastic pyrolysis working flow chart.
    Waste to oil pyrolysis plant use breakthrough technologies that ensure safety, profitability and easy operation.
    More than 90% parts of pyrolysis equipment are fixed thus reduces the recurring maintenance.
    Seven professional patents in pyrolysis plant industry.
    Flammable external fuel that can be yecycled for heating to save your energy.
    High quality of fuel oil as the final product.

Tyre oil/used oil to diesel and gasoline distillation pyrolysis plant

Distillation pyrolysis plant necessity:

    Nowadays, more and more people not only need crude oil and fuel oil, but also diesel and gasoline. Why? Interests urging and energy crisis. If you can get diesel and gasoline from distillation pyrolysis plant, you can sell them with good price thus get economic profits. Huyain distillation pyrolysis plant use advanced technology that refine waste engine oil and crude oil into standard diesel and gasoline with zero pollution to satisfy your needs.

Why choose HUAYIN distillation pyrolysis plant:

    1. Experience of 20 years and install more than 500 sets of pyrolysis plants last year around the world.
    2. Domestic industry pioneer and leader in manufacturing, supplying and installing distillation pyrolysis plants all around the world.
    3. 10ton per day input capacity continuous tire and plastic pyrolysis plants.
    4. ISO9001:2000 and seven pyrolysis technology patents.
    5. Zero environmental pollution working process and use of green technology to save energy.
    6. Highest quality of pyrolysis oil comparable to standard diesel nad gasoline: sell directly or put into car engine.
    7. Security: No charcoal leakage, no smell, no hazardous emission, no health hazards to workers
    8. Timely delivery of pyrolysis plants and quick professional instillation under our technicians guidance.

Running waste oil distillation pyrolysis plant:

Welcome to visit our factory, we have running plant for you visiting and standard laboratory to test the oil quality.

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Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant

Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant:

    You can buy various automatic waste tire pyrolysis plant with high quality from HUAYIN machinery since we have 20 years production and installation experience from 1993. Our equioment include waste tire recycling plant, waste plastic pyrolysis machine, waste oil distillation machine and decoloring device. Most of our products have been exported to Italy, Romania, Thailand, Russia, Lebanon, Pakistan and India.

Product specialities:

    1. Since huayin waste tire pyrolysis plant has auto-feeder, you do not need to crush tires by labors. Our machine can feed raw materials into reactor automatically. It saves you manpower and improves working efficiency.
    2. Two water sealing equipment with safety-valve and auto-alarming device, vacuum device ensure worker’s security.
    3. Specialized catalyst chamber improves oil yield and oil quality.
    4. Tail gases can be recycled to furnace as fuel materials. In this way, you will save more energy. For another way, it’s environmental friendly.
    5. All cooling waters are circulatory.
    6. Flue gases are processed by dust removal device and each emission standard without pollution.

Waste tire pyrolysis plant final products:

Crude oil
carbon black
steel wire

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Huayin youtube waste tire and plastic pyrolysis oil plant

Overview of Huayin pyrolysis plant:

    Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional pyrolysis plant manufacturer from China for 20 years since 1993. Our products include waste tire recycling plant, waste plastic pyrolysis machine, waste oil distillation machine and decoloring device. All of our equipment adopt advanced green technology without any environmental pollution. You can get fuel oil, steel wire, carbon black, diesel and gasoline after processed through our pyrolysis plant. Huayin has three professional factories and running pyrolysis plant for customers visit. Further more, we have standard laboratory to test the oil yield and quality to ensure your interests. We have certificates of ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, and seven patents for our equipment. HUAYIN is a company with Christian background. Honesty is our supreme principle in international trade, it brings us friendships with customers and build up a fine reputation in the global market. Welcome to visit HUAYIN. Looking  forward to have a good cooperation with you.

Waste oil refining pyrolysis equipment operation video on youtube:

Waste tires pyrolysis oil equipment working video on youtube:

Waste plastic refining pyrolysis equipment video on youtube: